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Season 1

Episode 100

(So Called Compensation)

After the discussion about the endorsement for Imperial Sky Jewellery City, it was already noon when they walked out of Glory World Corporation. The sun was highup in the sky with the dry wind blowing through.

Xi Xinyi took the expensive-looking coat her manager handed her and wore it. She turned around to gaze at the enormous building and was stunned for a moment.

As expected of one of the leading businesses of City Z, even she felt tiny as she stood before such a huge building.

The scene where Mu Yuchen passed her closely played in her mind. As people said, he was not very friendly and cold towards other people.

It was her first time experiencing something like this!

She knew that even a prideful person like Han Yifeng was really impressed by that person as well.

“Xinyi, CEO Han is waiting over there!”

Xi Xinyi came back to her senses when she heard Zhang Xue’s voice. She looked at the direction Zhang Xue was facing and saw Han Yifeng’s Rolls Royce parked at a plaza outside Glory World Corporation.

Xi Xinyi took a deep breath before glancing at the building again and walking towards the car.

“Ms. Xinyi!”

Han Yifeng’s assistant quickly opened the door when Xi Xinyi went towards the car.

“Yifeng!” Xi Xinyi sat in the car and called out to him. Han Yifeng had just finished a phone call and he grabbed her by the waist to squeeze her. He asked in a concerned tone, “Done with work?”

“Mmm, it’s just a discussion about the upcoming project. Why are you here?” Xi Xinyi looked at Han Yifeng doubtfully. She thought he had come here just to pick her up and her eyes were brimming with love.

“I just came by to drop an invitation card to invite Chairman Mu to our engagement. I know you’re here as well, so I waited for you.” Han Yifeng then looked at the huge building and said, “Invitation card… Did you give it to Xiaye personally?”

Han Yifeng’s words stunned Xi Xinyi. She clenched her fists tightly as her expression turned pale. She nodded, her eyes unable to hide her sadness. She said gloomily, “I gave it to her, but she”

Xi Xinyi did not continue and her beautiful eyes started to tear up. Her expression was in pain while she bit her lip and went quiet. Looking downwards, she quietly said, “You know her personality. What happened recently must have hit her quite badly. Please don’t blame her, Yifeng. I’ve always considered Sister as a really good person. Don’t you think so too?”

What did he think of Xi Xiaye?

He was suddenly reminded of their past

“I hope we can make up to her, Yifeng. About Yueying, I know your parents are doing it for my sake, but can we give her a token of compensation? $5 million… Is it too little?”

Xi Xinyi frowned as she looked at Han Yifeng. “I don’t care, even if Grandmother objects, I’ll compensate her myself. I’d do anything to make her feel better.”

“Okay, Xinyi, I understand how you feel. I guess there’s no other way since it’s come down to this. We didn’t know that my parents and your grandmother would make that kind of decision as well. It’s really cruel towards Xiaye. Moreover”

The scene when the knife plunged into her shoulder started playing in his mind. He could not believe that she would pull such an extreme stunt!

“Yifeng, do you think Sister will attend our engagement party? I wanted to look for her just now, but I was worried that she might be unhappy if she sees me, so in the end, I didn’t”

Xi Xinyi’s eyes were full of misery as her tone turned weak and worrisome. “Father became cold towards Mother for quite some time because of what happened to Sister. I really don’t understand, Yifeng. Does she not feel comfortable with whatever we’ve done for her so far? Why is Sister being like this?”

“Stop talking about it, Xinyi. I’m the one who betrayed her. It’s not your fault and you don’t have to blame yourself… Let’s go now. Back to the villa!” Han Yifeng told the driver impatiently. He held Xi Xinyi’s waist and looked outside the window, his gaze seemed complicated.

He had never loved Xi Xiaye, but why did he felt such a heavy sense of guilt when he saw her extremely cold expression?

The guilt made him feel an indescribable pressure. He would prefer her to scold him angrily instead of just walking away coldly. He might have felt better instead of feeling really troubled by it as he did now.

The sun slowly went down and the sky turned red as the last of the soft golden rays bathed the city from the horizon. The whole town was shrouded in a gentle charm.

Tiny rays of sunlight went past the window blinds. Xi Xiaye, who had been working on the living room sofa the whole afternoon, finally looked away from her documents. She glanced at the sun through the windows and instinctively took a look at the clock. She noticed that it was already pretty late.

Mu Yuchen was not back yet. Usually, he would already be preparing food in the kitchen. Maybe he was busy because the holidays were coming soon.

He seemed to dislike people disturbing his life. According to Sis Wang, Master Mu only allowed them to come and clean the house after he left. Looking at the huge Maple Residence, even though it was empty, it was a different feeling as compared to when she was living alone. It was at times like this that she felt lonely.

Was he feeling the same way as her?

She laughed at her own thoughts. Inhaling a deep breath, she left all the documents on the table. As she started to stretch her body, she forgot about her shoulder injury and a sharp pain shot through her as she opened her arms. She frowned and quickly pressed her wound

She rested for a while before walking towards the kitchen slowly.

Moments after she went into the kitchen, the door of Maple Residence opened. A tall and white figure entered the house.

It was Mu Yuchen. He was talking to someone on the phone and Ah Mo was behind him, holding his briefcase quietly.

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