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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 9 💝

Selena's POV♥️

’You are under arrest for destruction of private property ma'am'..The police officer said and I scoffed loudly..

‘Is this a joke?? Like is this a f**king joke?? I didn't even do anything!!'..

It was Emily who threw a stone across Xander's window.


Well with my help of course so I guess I deserve it kind of..

‘He saw you ma'am and if we pull the CCTV camera footage you're also in serious big trouble'..The officer said..

‘But i…I can't spend a night in prison my daughter would be scared'..I whimpered..

‘Well then take her with you or you fix his window!!!'…He yelled at me and I gulped hard...

Why is Xander doing this to me???..

He seriously doesn't even remember me??….

He's Emily's father and he's saying he doesn't remember me?!!..

Why is he treating me like this??.

‘Okay officer I'll fix the window'..

The Next Morning 🌥
I got preparer for work and got Emily ready for her new school without the help of Janet who was obviously out clubbing's with her new friends…

She's always been the social animal while I'm the feisty social one who certainly has no time for partying…

‘Mommy what if they call me names??'..Emily asked..

‘Act sweet'..I replied..

‘What if I get bullied??'..She asked again..

‘Try not to punch and just go straight to your teacher okay??'..i replied and kissed her forehead...

‘Now your lunch has been packed and we're ready!!! You're ready to f**k the world??!'..

‘You bet I am!!'...

Alexander's POV ♥️

I paused at the junction to catch my breath a bit and kept jogging forward only for me to see Selena and her daughter outside...

Why on Earth does this child look so much like me?!!!..

The resemblance isn't coincidental she looks exactly like me,the hair, the eyes,her smile everything!!!..

Maybe I'm just dreaming or something!!..

‘Okay baby I know you're nervous but you can do this okay?? You see those rich kids?? They don't stand a chance with you!! You're the smartest child I know okay?? Love you'..She said to her daughter as the school bus approached them and the little girl went in...

‘Bye mommy!!!'…

‘Bye baby!!'..Selena replied and turned till our eyes met..

‘I uhh I'll fix your window'..She said and walked past me…

Why do I feel so strange inside??…

Like I've known her all my life??..

Something just doesn't fit in,something isn't right with this..

Selena's POV♥️

Hours later
‘Done'..i winced as I dropped the huge amount of ridiculous files I was asked to sort…

‘You were slow'.. Xander or should I say Mr Xander groaned.…

‘You gave me this twenty minutes ago and it's way past my closing time!!'..I almost yelled and he frowned..

‘Here have this,deliver this to Transcorp'.. He said..

‘But..but it's been two hours and I have to pick my daughter from school!!!!'..I yelled in tears this time..

‘Well then next time keep your legs closed so as not to get pregnant and be a single mom!!'..He fired back..

Did he just say this to me?!!..

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