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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 8💝

Alexander's POV cont'd♥️

📱:Hello?? Mac someone just slashed my tyres and all four of them?!!'..I said over the phone..

📲:Ouch! Well then take a bus'..He replied over the loud music in the background…

📱:Take a bus?? Do I look homeless to you?! Ughh!'..I groaned..

📲:well then order an Uber or something?!'..

📱:I don't have the app'..


📱:what's the need of having an Uber app when I have a phone??'..

📲:For emergencies like this..anyways just leave it I'll order it then,just wait over there'..he said and hung up..

Minutes later♥️
I paid for the drive and then walked over to my home only for me to see that crazy Selena woman with a little girl in her arms and they were both walking in the cold.…

‘Mommy he's the same one who bashed you car!!'..She screamed and I rolled my eyes..

And this is why I never and would never have kids..

But why on Earth does this girl look a lot like me??..

Same hair,same eyes,same everything!!!..

‘Honey that's not how to talk to strangers let's go'..Selena whispered and carried the little girl up in her arms and walked past me..

‘You're a bad man!!!'..She squealed..

‘Shhhh Emily that's my boss,he's gonna fire me if you...If you call him that'..Her mother scolded and she pouted her lips..

Gosh why on Earth do they live next door to my huge house?!..

The last thing I need right now is a sharp mouthed woman and her crazy daughter to live next to me..

I went into the house and turned on the lights again only to see Giselle still there but thank goodness she was fully clothed this time..

‘What?!! Why are you here?! I thought i ended things between us last week?!!'..I yelled.

’Ohh sorry I just missed you so much and I can't live without you Alexander,please take me back??'..She begged and I scoffed..

She doesn't even love me she just wants the money and the sex that's why!!…

‘Leave my house Giselle! Just leave my house please!!'..I grumbled under my breath..

‘Well it's pretty cold outside and I can't leave now!'..She said and just then a large rock broke into my window..

‘What on Earth?!!'..I looked outside my window and then I saw that little Emily girl and her mother playing in the snow..

‘Give me your phone and call the cops'..

Those two need to get arrested..

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