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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 7 💝

Selena's POV 💓

‘But…but you're paying me to be your personal assistant not your janitor'..i said with my anger boiling deep inside of me..

‘No I am paying to do as I say and I say clean my windows which is what you should do'..Xander replied and I clenched my fist…

This bastard!!..

This bastard ruined my life and now he acts like he doesn't know me so he decides to treat me like this??...

‘So you really don't know me do you??'..I asked under my breath..

‘Yes I really do not know you and the next time you pull such stunt again I won't hesitate to get you fired'..He replied and walked away...


This is Emily's father and the man I knew before was a sweet, charming,funny and helpful person now all I see is a rude,arrogant son of a b*tch!!..

How on Earth doesn't he even remember me??…

And does Janet know about this??..

That my ex is my boss??..

Minutes later 💓
‘Done,I'm done cleaning your windows what else do you want me to do?? Wash your car and paint your office?!'..I asked slamming the dirty rag on his large oak table..

‘i expect you to go get cleaned up I don't like dirty workers'..He replied and I scoffed loudly...

‘Are you kidding me?? You made me…..sorry sir'…I controlled myself and walked out of the office so I wouldn't cry in front of him..

📱: hello Mommy!!!'..Emily said aloud as I picked up the phone..

📲:ohh hey baby what's going on and who gave you a phone??'..I murmured using face wipes to wipe of the dirt away from my blouse..

📱:Jane did!! Mom are you okay??'..She replied and I sniffed..

📲:Yeah..uhh yeah I'm fine I think I'm just coming on with a cold that's all'..

📱:okay,love you'..

📲:love you too, bye'..I said and dropped the call….

For years Emily wanted a father,she got into fights and I fought many parents just cause their kids called my baby a fatherless girl now i see the same man who ruined my life and stopped me from fulfilling my dreams...

I am so gonna pay him back in a hundred fold for what he did to me...

Just wait and see..

Alexander's POV♥️

At Night 🌌
After done with work I headed out of the office when the clock chimed 10pm and with a loud yawn I opened my car..

I ignited the engine like fifteen times and it started but my car wouldn't move like something was stopping it or something..

‘Goddammit!'..I groaned and came out only to see that my tyres have been slashed..

What the heck?!!..

Who on Earth slashed my tyres?!!..

And all four of them!?!

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