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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 6💝

Selena's POV♥️

You have seriously got to be kidding me right now!!!...

Why him?!! .

My ex is my new boss?!!..

My ex is my boss why?!!....

The bastard doesn't even remember me....

‘Ohhh morning'..I manage a stutter..

‘Youre late'..he replied in a grumble and I gulped hard..

And yeah ..

You've been missing in my life leaving me with a little girl to take care off and all you can say is that I'm late..

‘Sorry'..was what came out of my mouth instead..

‘Your office is that way and your job is to attend to me whenever I call on you got that??'..He asked and I nodded..

This is all just so overwhelming and I can't take it!!..

The father of my child and my ex doesn't even remember me?!..

Was I so unimportant to him then??..

This is just so exhilarating and I just want to cry..

‘Are you okay??'..the guy who was with Xander asked and I nodded..

‘Its my daughter I uhh—

‘Wait you're married?? Cause I was planning on asking you out??'..He cut in and I laughed..

‘No I'm not married I'm a single mom'..

‘Ohhh well then I'm Mac,Mac Runner'..he said..

‘Selena'..I replied and he kissed my hand..

‘I am delighted to be working with you Selena'...

‘Awww thanks'..I blushed hard and then Xander walked in..

‘Here! Sort each file alphabetically and do not waste any time.Mac stop flirting with the new staff!'...he muttered and walked off..

‘Grinch...Anyways we're going for a staffs night out you can join us later if you want'..Mac said and walked off..

Ughhhh .

Alexander's POV ♥️

Minutes later
With the stupid hearty laugh of Selena or whatever her name is I angrily barged outside only to see her talking and laughing with Mac.

‘What are you doing?? I thought I gave you some things to do?!!'..I yelled..

‘Done'..She replied..

‘The files??'..


‘The bookings??'..


‘The calls??'..


‘Well then grab a rag and clean my window'..I said.


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