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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 5 💝

Selena's POV💓

‘Who the f**k bashed my car!!:..I screamed at the top of my voice as I ran outside only for her to see the unexpected..

Is that??..

No no my eyes must be deceiving me!!..


It's Xander!!!...

He's standing right here in front of me?!!....

‘Uhhhh who are you?!'..He asked and my eyes widened...


‘Who am I?!! Who am I?? Xander after all these years what you ask me is who I am?? What on Earth is wrong with you??!!'..I yelled and he frowned deeply...

‘For one I do not know you and I have never seen you in my entire life and secondly I don't know how you know my name'..he said..

You have got to be kidding me how on Earth can he tell me he hasn't seen me before!!..

This mother f**ker is the father of my child now he's telling he doesn't know me?!!...

‘I can't have this right now Emily let's go'..I muttered with tears glazing my eyes and went inside.

‘Mommy who is that??'..She asked..

‘Its nothing is let's just go'...I replied and wiped away the tear that escaped..

Xander's POV ♥️

Hours later
‘The strangest thing happened today and it's really funny cause I have never seen this lady in my entire life and she calls my name'..I said to Mac as I dropped my car keys on the table..

‘Hmmm maybe she knows you from somewhere and you don't remember her'..He replied and I threw a scornful look at him...

‘I don't know her from anywhere to be honest and by the way where's my new PA??'...

‘Well she should be here any minute from now'..

‘I don't tolerate lateness your should tell her that!!'..I yelled and then someone came in...

‘Uhhhh I am supposed to be here?'..She said and I turned around..

It's her!!

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