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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 4💝

Alexander's POV ♥️

‘I just can't believe you!!! I can't believe this!!'..Giselle screamed as she grabbed her clothes and walked into the bathroom..

I slumped on the soft bed next to me and in a moment I fell asleep..

My phone rang minutes later and when I checked the caller it was Mac..

📱:What is it I'm tied'..I groaned..

📲:You broke things off with Giselle?? I thought she was the one!!'..He exclaimed.…

📱:The one?? She burgled her way into my house and was on my bed wearing a mosquito net and you're saying she's the one??'..I frowned deeply as I went into the kitchen to whip myself a cup of coffee..

📲:Well what's better than being sexy for your boyfriend?? You act like a Grinch sometimes!! When last did you even have enough time to go out with me and the boys for drinks??'..

📱:I'm too busy to worry about that'..

📲:Exactly you work too much!!!'…

📱:I'm tired Mac we'll discuss this later'..I said and hung up..


As long as it brings money to the table I'll happily be a Grinch..

The Next Morning
After a good jog around the neighborhood I quickly changed into a cooperate suit and headed out the door only for me to try driving out and see that someone parked a stupid van near my gate..

‘Uhhh Greg who the hell has that nonsense??'..i asked my security guard..

‘Ohh that?? Well seems like someone moved into the Conners last night'..he replied..

‘Well I don't care who it is just tell the person to get that thing out of my way'..I retorted loudly..

‘On second thoughts'..I added and crashed the front of the car and tried driving off only for my to hear a feminine voice .

‘Mommy someone bashed your car!!!'..


Is that a little girl??..

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