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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 32 💝

Alexander's POV cont'd ♥️

In my entire 28 years of living no woman has ever made me shudder and feel nervous as this woman has....

‘ want me to join you in bed or you want me to join you in bed??'..I asked and her eyes widened..

Dammit Xander you're blowing things up..

‘This is super awkward,more than awkward though but ever since that kiss at your house I just can't look at you straight in the eyes'..She whispered and I reciprocated my kissing her hard also on the mouth...

‘I...I...I don't know how to say this but we're supposed to hate each other you know?? You hate me and I treat you badly this is how it's supposed to work not the other way around'...

‘I shouldn't be on your lap with my hands around your neck,you ruined my life but I don't want to stay away from you and I don't know why!! Maybe it's just for the fact that you're sexier than before'..

‘I wouldn't call myself sexy but you are one of a beautiful and sexy woman Selena and... it's... it's just overly complicated cause I want more than this mother and father relations we have'..i said as we both went under the covers of the bed and faced each other...

‘I also want more but looking back it's just not possible with all the circumstances facing us and I... I...I just can't seem to forget the fact that you don't remember all the times we spent together before'..She said and I stroked one of her hair which broke free...

‘I no this might sound cringy but what if we just start over with everything?? Let's just start over and we'll see'..I whispered and rolled her on top of my body...

‘What are you doing??'... She asked..

‘Making you feel more comfortable'..I replied and she smiled..

‘You're comfortable'.

‘Am I??'..I asked and and rested her head on my chest..



‘I think I'm falling in love with you,I'm not sure but I think so'...

‘What?? Me??'..

‘Yes and you're driving me crazy'..



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