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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 31 💝

Selena's POV ♥️

‘Fine!!'..I finally groaned and got into the car..

Xander drove off and before we could get to the second road a heavy downpour started and the car immediately stopped..

‘Dammit!!!'...He groaned..

‘What's the problem??'..I asked and he pointed at the steering wheel..

‘My car is knocked out dead and I can't even see anything in this rain,thank goodness there's a hotel there let's go'.. He said..

Minutes later ♥️
‘Only one room?!! There can't be only one room can't it??'..I yelled at the top of my voice but the reluctant reception wasn't even interested in my tantrum...

‘Sorry but there's only one room left and I can't help you'..She said...

‘Fine we'll take it'..Xander muttered from behind me and I turned around...


‘Unless you want to get wet outside and die of the cold then be my guest'.He replied and walked into the elevator..

Sharing a room with this man is just a bad idea...

I don't know why but it's just a bad idea..

A very bad idea...

Alexander's POV ♥️

Sharing a room with this woman is a bad idea...

A very bad idea but why do I still want to do it so badly??..

I pretty well know I am entering the tiger's den but why am I still doing it??..

Maybe it's because I don't want Emily to worry too much about her mother that's why..

‘I have to make a call'..She said making me jolt out of my reverie and I nodded as she went into the bathroom to call her daughter..

📱: Hey Honey... I'm not stranded I'm in a hotel...yeah I'm sweets Emily I'll say it again...Okay love you..bye'..I heard and after some minutes she came out with her hair all slickly wet and was wearing the hotel's robe...

’You can use the bathroom now'..She said but I just shook my head..

‘I'm not really in the mood for a shower I'll just change into those'..

She nodded and sat at the edge of the bed,stacked her hair up and I gulped hard seeing her thighs..

What have you done to yourself Xander??..

She is just your ex and nothing else you shouldn't be drooling over her...

Control Xander..

Self control...

‘Uhmm you're making me uncomfortable'..She finally murmured...


‘You're staring at me'...

’Ohhh well I can't keep my eyes off you that's what and ever since that kiss I can't even think straight'..I whispered and she gulped hard..

‘I..I..I think I should go to bed now'..

’Yeah go ahead I have work to finish anyway'..i whispered again but instead of going to sleep she walked over to the couch where i was seated,slid onto my laps and crushed her lips to mine..

‘I want you to join me'..

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