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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 30 💝

Alexander's POV cont'd ♥️

‘Not cool Mac stop it'..I groaned under my breath..

‘What isn't cool?? The fact that you both drool over each other or when you stare at her like she's a Big Mac burger?? C'mon you both should forget the past and move on!!!'..He replied and I pursed my lips in embarrassment...

‘You can leave my office Selena there's no use standing there'...I said..

‘No don't leave Selena!'..Mac called out and she stopped..

‘What are you doing Mac??'..I snarled..

‘I am trying to regain your sanities back!!'..He replied and faced Selena...

‘hey sweetheart are you free tonight??'..

‘No...No..I..I don't think so'..She replied..


‘Well you're lying and it's pretty obvious'...Mac said..

‘Tonight you are both going out on a date alone!! And you are both going to trash your past and then move on cause it's very obvious you're attracted to each other even though you don't show it!! Deal?!'..

‘What on Earth are you doing??? stop this Mac'..I groaned and he smiled..

‘I'm trying to help you best friend'..

Selena's POV❤

At Night 🌃
‘Well that was awkward'..I yawned as I came down from the bus at the bus stop and waited on for another bus which would take me straight home...

I'm just happy I was able to avoid Alexander through out the day so as not to do what Mac suggested..

After some minutes I still waited on for a bus or cab but none was coming forth...

Why now??...

Emily would be pretty hungry by now and she needs me...

‘Taxi!!!'..I yelled but the driver drove past me...

‘Hey'..I heard someone say and when I turned around it was Alexander...

‘Hey'..I replied..

‘What are you doing here?? Shouldn't you be with Emily at home??'..He asked.

‘Well I can't find a bus which is totally not my fault'..I replied with a frown on my face..

‘Ohh get in then'..


‘I said get in'...


‘So I can take you home what is wrong with you?!!'..He yelled..

‘Well I don't want to get in the —

‘Fine then!! Look it's already 11pm and all the buses won't pass through here so get in the car crazy woman I won't beg you!!!'



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