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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 3💝

Selena's POV ♥️

‘Ughhh I just can't seem to fit this in!!!'..I groaned lightly as I pushed my boxes into the white van..

‘Sometimes you need to chill girl'..Janet muttered from behind me and helped me put the box in..

‘You know it's really hard trying to fathom this whole thing,I'm really tired to be honest with you girl,I really need this breakout'.. I sighed deeply and carried Emily up in my arms..

‘Mommy are we meeting daddy??'..She asked and Janet and I locked eyes .

Her father disappeared years ago..

Which she doesn't know...

‘I..I..uhhh yeah we're going to meet daddy'..I stuttered a lie..

‘Yay!! Now no one would call me fatherless Emily!'..She excitedly said.

‘Huh?? Who calls you that in the first place?? Who calls you that??'.i asked with a frown on my face..

‘Well uh Alice calls me that and it makes me sad'..She pouted her lips and I sighed deeply again..

Alice that spoilt brat who doesn't want to get her mouth shut!! She's lucky I don't have to rip her mother's hair off like I did the last time..

‘Sorry baby, let's go Janet'..I murmured..

‘Ohhh me?? I'll come over later I have to go to West Hampshire to get some things from my mom's house'..She replied and I saw that nervous look in her eyes..

‘What are you up to Janet??'..I asked…

‘No.. Nothing you guys should go now it's a long ride to New York!!'..She replied and then walked back into the house...

‘Shes a terrible liar'..Emily muttered.…


Alexander's POV💝

After a long day at the office I walked into the house and turned on the lights only for me to see Giselle on my bed wearing a sexy lingerie..

Why is she here??.

‘What do you want Giselle,what are you doing here??'..I asked..

‘Are you seriously asking me this?? So I don't have the right to come over and be sexy for my boyfriend??'..She retorted and I sighed deeply..

Where on Earth did I even meet her??..

Ohhh I remember Mac and his useless hookups..

‘Please leave Giselle I'm tried and certainly not in the mood'..I said .

‘Leave?? What is wrong with you Alexander?? You don't pick my calls!! You don't return my texts?! You don't even act in anyway romantic and now I want to be romantic you're telling me to leave?!!'..She yelled and I frowned deeply…

‘Well then it's over then'..

‘What?! You're breaking up with me?!!'..

‘Yeah,since the relationship isn't good for you let's break up'..

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