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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 29 💝

Selena's POV ❤

I wanted more..

I wanted more of him and he knew it pretty well that I wanted him...

‘Uhhh I...I...uhhh I have to go now'..I quickly backed away and almost kissed him back seeing the flash of disapointment in his eyes....

‘Yeah I...I think we went pretty too far with that'..He replied and slammed his door right in my face and I couldn't help but frown..

Back to the Grumpy boss huh??..

Minutes later ♥️..

I'm so stupid!!..

I'm so stupid!!..

I'm so stupid!!..

‘Cool down Selena you only kissed him and nothing?!! it's not like something else happened did it??'....Janet asked and I shot her a dirty glare..

‘Something might have happened don't you see?? The moment he kissed me I instantly felt like jelly and I didn't want to leave him!!! I wanted more!!'..

‘So?? How is wanting more a bad thing?!! it's not that bad is it??'.. She asked..

‘He's my ex Janet!! Everything is wrong with it and he's also my boss!!! Everything is wrong with it!!!'...I yelled..

‘You make the tiniest fuss about everything just chill it won't happen again and besides any man would want to kiss you in that bathrobe'..She replied and with a whimper I slumped on the bed....

Alexander's POV ❤

The Next Morning 🌥
‘What's so bad about it??'..Mac asked..

‘No you don't understand everything's bad about it!! I kissed my so called ex and I enjoyed it don't you see?? I'm her boss!! that's like a conflict of interest!!'..I said aloud..

‘There is nothing wrong about that still!! Sometimes you have to let your guard down a bit!!, When last did you kiss a woman and enjoyed it?? Maybe you're both rekindling a flame you don't know about'..He replied and just then she walked into the office...

‘Good morning sir'..She muttered...

‘Morning,get me my morning coffee and then sort out those files on your table I want them done'..I replied somewhat in a growl...

‘Ohh gimme a break you too just go on a date already!!!'...Mac yelled and everyone in the office paused and turned to see what he was talking about...

Oh God..

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