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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 28 💝

Alexander's POV cont'd ♥️

‘Uhhh Selena can we talk??'..I asked after Emily fell asleep..

‘Okay I'm listening'..She replied..

‘Uhmm When you got that message which wasn't really from me how did you feel??'...I asked..

‘Shattered.Broken.Angry and every other word that related to pain and when I found out I was carrying your baby it grew worse..I..I wanted to kill myself and then tell the devil when I got to hell that he should send my spirit to kill you'..She said and I pursed my lips...

‘Funny huh??'..She added..

‘No not funny at all'..I replied and she nodded...

‘Well you have your answer and uhmm... This is pretty awkward and it's kind of cold,do you have a blanket somewhere??'...

‘Yeah just go down the hallway you'll see a stack there'...I replied and she walked away....

I might've broken some hearts but I never imagined I would someone's life like this??...

‘Uhmm boss I can't find it!!'..She called out and I got up from the chair..

I went over to where she was and almost chuckled seeing her in the wrong way..

‘No not there!! Here!!'...I said aloud and handed her a plush blue blanket..

‘Ohhh thanks'..She replied nervously and walked past me..

Oh God please help me I'm about to loose my mind...

‘Okay now the movie is over and we didn't watch half of it so I think I should be taking Emily home right now she's pretty tired'...She yawned loudly..

‘Uhhh you can put her inside my room she's much more comfortable there'..I replied loudly clenching my fists...

I don't want her to leave...

I don't know why but I just don't want her to leave...

‘Alexander you're acting a bit strange'.. She whispered and I just as her hair fell down I knew I just couldn't take it anymore..

’Yeah but is it also strange that I don't like you but I want to kiss you real bad??'...i asked..

‘M...Me...Me?? Xan...Xander i think we're going to fast with this'...She stuttered but it was too late already...

I grabbed her by the waist and lowered my lips to hers..

‘May I??'..

‘Yes you may'..She replied and our lips locked to each other..



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