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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 27 💝

Alexander's POV❤

Get a grip of yourself Alexander!!...

She's your ex and she's just your Personal assistant get a grip of yourself!!..

Why do you want to kiss her so bad??..

You don't even like her do you??...

‘Okay that was awkward I'll go uhmmm...let me go make the popcorn'..She stuttered and then walked over...

I cleared my throat and walked over to the living room and sat next to Emily who was pretty much looking at me suspiciously...

‘Why didn't you kiss my mommy??'..


‘My mommy.Why didn't you kiss her??'..She asked again...

‘I didn't want to kiss her?? you're too young to be saying that!! why would you say that??'..I nervously protested and she shrugged..

This kid is too young to be noticing things like this!!..

why would she say something like this..

‘Okay the popcorn is ready and I uhhh I've added the butter and everything okay so let's uhmm start shall we??'.. Selena came in thankfully and handed a bowl of popcorn over to me..

I can't even remember when last I stayed on the couch in comfortable loafers and watched a movie while eating popcorn...

Mac was right!!..

I am lonely as hell!!...

‘Let's watch Jurassic Park the movie'..Emily suggested and I tapped on the movie button....

‘Mommy remember when we went to the movies with John??'..She added and my brows shot up...


Who is John??...

‘Oh yeah that day was awesome but honey let's not talk about John now'...Selena replied and I noticed something like sadness in her eyes..

‘Who is John??'..I whispered..

‘He's my second Daddy'..Emily replied and I frowned..

‘But I am your daddy'..

‘Yeah big you weren't always there for me...He was the second man to break mom's heart'..She said and stiffed a portion of popcorn inside her mouth...

‘Who was the first??'..I asked..

‘You'..She replied and I gulped hard..

I broke Selena's heart??....

This crazy woman claimed I ruined her life but she never said I broke her heart??..

Jeez what is wrong with me??..

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