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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 26 💝

Alexander's POV♥️

‘Yeah yeah Emily and I would come over to watch a movie with you'.. Selena quickly said and walked away .

Okay what the hell just happened???...

I just asked her to come over to watch a movie??...

What the hell is wrong with me nowadays??....

I didn't subscribe for any Netflix or even think of getting popcorn so why did I lie??..

Do I want to be close or something cause I don't understand why I'm acting like this to be honest??..

I rushed back into my room and changed into a simple shirt and then frowned seeing Mac's call..


📲:Sheesh you angry or something?? What's wrong with you??'..He asked and I sighed deeply...

📱: it's nothing much I just uhhh,I'm just tired that's all and Selena is coming over with Emily for movie night and—

📲:Wait wait hold up!!! Did you just say Selena is coming over with Emily?!! You are all going to watch a movie?? Whoa what happened to you!!'..He exclaimed..

📱:I don't even know!! I just asked her right out of my big mouth and she said yes surprisingly!! I shouldn't be fraternitizing with my staff should I??'..I replied and he scoffed loudly...

📲:She is the mother of your kid stupid!!! She was your highschool sweetheart!! who knows maybe you're getting mushed up because of her'...

📱:Nah I don't think so maybe it's cause of Emily'..I muttered grabbing my other phone to subscribe for what I promised Selena..

📲:You love making excuse dude but I'll talk to you later we'll talk'...He said and hung up..

Is he right??...

Is he right??..

Nah I don't think so...

Selena's POV♥️

At 🌃
I changed into a plush red robe and with my hair all packed up in a tousled bun I took Emily to Xander's place..

‘Hey'..He muttered and I smirked a bit.....

Okay this is awkward...

‘So uhhh where's the popcorn??'..I asked as my eyes glanced over to the mess of a kitchen...

‘Uhh it's a long story but the popcorn is burnt and uhhh I think the Walmart is closed by now'...He replied and I chuckled loudly..

‘It's okay I'll make it'..

‘Really?? You know how to make popcorn??'..

‘Yeah of course I know how to make popcorn!!! I know how to cook very well!! I was part of the reason why you didn't starve in school!!'..I retorted loudly and surprisingly he laughed....

I tried going to the kitchen and then I couldn't move cause my necklace got stuck on his shirt by a thread...

‘Wait let me get that'..He whispered and lowered his neck down ..

I breathed heavily as his lips tried untangling the thread and gulped hard along..

What is wrong with me??..

Why do I want to kiss him so bad??

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