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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 22 💝

Alexander's POV cont'd ♥️

‘You see??? you're the reason for all this!! I should have never come here in the first place!! Virginia was just okay but no I decided to come here thinking my life would be less messed up but instead it's f**ked up more!! i hate my life!!'..Selena bursted into tears again and I rolled my eyes...

I've got to make this better somehow...

I've just got to even if it means being nice...

The last thing I want is someone going into depression just because of me..

‘You need to rest I'll go talk to Emily'..I replied and walked outside only to see my daughter crying on the ground...

‘You want ice cream??'..I asked and her head shot up..

‘Chocolate chip ice cream with vanilla toppings and sprinkles??'..She asked and I smiled..

Winning this kid over is so easy...

‘Come on let's go'..i muttered and she opened her arms wide and I scooped her...

‘Does your mom always act crazy??'..I couldn't help but ask and she shook her head...

‘She has been going through a lot, grand ma and grand pa kicked her out of the house when I was in her belly,the other men she dated didn't treat her well either although they act nice you're the one I like the most'...She said..


So Selena became homeless because of me??...

now I get why she's so mad and angry and why she hates me..

‘Hnmmm why do you like me??'..I asked..

‘Cause you're my real daddy and even though you're a bad man as mommy says you're still my daddy.I can't hate you can I??and you buy me gifts so yeah that's a plus too,and you're nice—A little'..She replied and I couldn't help but smile again...

This kid keeps getting close and close to my heart and I'm starting to love her very much...

like very very much...

‘What are the things your mom likes??'..

‘Movies,although she claims she doesn't have enough time cause she's busy she loves movies and popcorn and also she loves ice cream'..

‘Like you??'..

‘Yeah like me and oh she likes snakes'..

‘Snakes?! Your mother eats snakes?!!'..

‘Yes,but it's illegal but she loves eating fried snakes'..She replied..

Oh God help me..

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