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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 20💝

Alexander's POV cont'd❤

‘I uhmmm i...look I'm so tired and I had to..I..i...'...Selena panted heavily as she finally passed out onto the floor...

‘She's out of breath help her!!'..Mac screamed and i scrambled around the table for my phone...

‘What the f**k are you doing?!!'..He yelled..

‘I am calling the ambulance what does it look like I'm doing?!! God I'm late for my meeting!!'..i replied already scared..

God please don't let her die I can't be a single father now please God don't let her die!..

Selena's POV❤

Hours later❤
My eyes opened lightly and i was immediately slammed with bright white washed walls and when i turned around Xander was next to me.....

‘Wh...where am...what am..where am I??'..i asked and scowled at how fast i was breathing heavily...

‘You passed out that's what happened now care to explain what the f**k happened?!!'...He replied..

‘Well i...i have panic attacks once in a while'..i said..

‘Panic attacks?? Why???'..

‘Well cause my life f**ked up okay??? And you are one of the reasons why it is!!'..i bursted into tears...

‘Me?? What do i have to do with This??'..

‘Well starting from the fact that you broke up with me right after I said yes to your Marriage proposal and another fact that I got pregnant which ruined my entire life Alexander and you don't even remember me!!! And you're my boss!! Do you think its a good Idea that my ex is my boss?!! And you don't even consider how i might be feeling!! Just stay away from me!!'..

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