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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 2💝

Selena's POV cont'd💝

Minutes later ♥️
‘Mommy!!!'..Emily cried out in a happy squeal and I chuckled as I crouched down to her level..

‘Hey baby'..I muttered as I placed a soft kiss on her cheeks..

‘You know she's pretty funny when she mimicks you'..Janet chipped in and I smiled.

‘Yeah my Emily is a pretty good girl'..

‘Uhhh Selena I don't know if you'd like this but remember Mac?? My friend I told you about who lives in New York?? Well a friend of his needs a Personal assistant and I hooked you up for the job'..Janet said..

‘Personal Assistant?? For heaven's sake I studied Business Administration'..I groaned..

‘Well it's a 2,000 dollar pay job'..She replied and my eyes widened..

‘2,000??? For just a PA?? But that means we have to move from Virgina to New York?? I've been here my whole life and now I'm moving?? Should I take the job or not??'..I asked nipping at my bottom lip..

‘Well yes of course and think of it as a redemption!! You've been in this dump your whole life and clearly Virginia men don't appreciate you so let's move!! Let's just go!!!'..She replied.

‘Yay!! We're moving!!'..Emily cheered and my eyes widened..

‘I thought you love this place??'..I asked her..

‘Ohh everyone hates Virginia!'..

Alexander's POV♥️

‘What I need right now is a cup of…You're fired!!!!'..I yelled at the Maddy and she ran out of the office crying...

‘Gosh you have to chill out a little what's your problem??'..Mac retorted as he walked into my office..

‘Chill out?? I need a personal assistant ASAP!! I can't handle all these calls all by myself?!!'..I groaned and rubbed my temple frustratingly..

‘Well no one wants to be your PA cause you're a f**king bully that's why'..He murmured and I threw a dirty glare at him..

‘i am not a bully I'm just a workaholic!! And I need a PA or else I'm gonna fire everyone here!!'….

‘Well I recommend someone,her name is is Selena Hamilton and I've hired her already so she'll resume next week'..He said..

‘Who is Selena Hamilton and why on Earth would you hire her without my…. Ughh you know what I don't care anymore just let her get here and tell James that if he doesn't get my coffee in three seconds he's also fired!!!'

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