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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 19💝

Selena's POV❤

‘She called him dad!! She called him dad and she just got to meet him'..I whispered in a groan and Janet smiled...

‘She loves the dude so what?? Kids love gifts and everything'..

‘Kids love gifts?!! He's spoiling her Janet!! I mean what would Emily do with an Xbox?!!!'..i yelled and at that moment my daughter came out wearing a Christian Loboutini boot with a matching hat..

Oh God..

‘Mommy can daddy take me to school??'..She asked...

‘Emily why do you want him to take you to school?? I thought you hated him??'..i asked back and at that moment i got a message..

💬:You're late!!! I have a meeting to get to and i need you here ASAP!!..

I am the mother of his child and he's grumpy about being late to work??..

I thought he was off duty today and now he's already at work???...

Has he fixed his hair Cause Emily really did injustice to it..

‘Emily your daddy is already at work and he needs me there,i work for your daddy okay and now you're also late for school'..i finally replied...

‘But i want daddy to take me to work!!! He promised me!!!'..She bursted into tears and i groaned again into the pillow next to me...

i hate my life..

Alexander's POV❤

‘Like she called me daddy and it's only been few hours she knew i was her father and she's already accepting me?!!! I'm still going over the fact that I am a father and she has accepted me already!!'..i explained to Mac and he chuckled loudly...

‘Gosh you're so funny,so you don't like her??'..

‘I hate kids but this is my kid and you don't expect to make me hate her do you??'..i retorted loudly and he shook his head...

i adjusted my tie and just then Selena ran in looking like a pure mess..

‘What the hell are you wearing??'..i asked as my eyes skimmed over the wreckage...

‘What?? What's wrong??'..She asked panting heavily...

‘You're wearing two different pairs of shoes and there's gum in your hair!! What the hell happened to you?!!'..

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