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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 18 💝

Alexander's POV♥️

‘Emily please go to sleep!!'..I begged as the little kid jumped on and around my bed..

’I want to play with you!!'..She squealed again and I shook my head in frustration...

‘Emily?? you have to go to school tomorrow!!'...i said and she stopped..

‘You are no fun!! okay you are fun but most times you are Grumpy..please tell me a story'...She said and tucked herself under my bed...

I wanted her to sleep in the guest room now she wants to sleep in my bed???..


’Okay uhhh I don't have any bed time story to tell you the only thing I know is a story about Robin hood'..I whispered and she chuckled...

‘You don't have any clue do you?? But can you at least stay next to me?? I'll be more comfortable with you around'..

‘Fine I'll do that but I need to go change first'..I replied and with a smile on her face I felt kind of weird...

what has happened to me in the past hours??...

it's like I'm a changed man already...

I went into the bathroom and had a quick hot shower and after that I changed into my pajamas and went back into the room only to find her already asleep..

I slid under the covers stealthingly and closed my eyes but in a moment she wrapped her little arms around me and went back to sleep...

‘Good night Mr Grumpy'..She whispered...

‘Good night Emily'..

The Next Morning.
‘Good morning Mr Grumpy!!'..Emily squealed at the top of her voice and I jolted up from sleep...

‘What the???'..

‘I helped you dust your shoes and cleaned your kitchen'..She said and my eyes widened...

‘What?? wait how old are you again??'..

‘Four,turning five in September'..She replied and kissed my cheeks..

This is my daughter??..

this kid is so damn smart!!..

‘Thanks by the way'..I yawned and went to check the mirror only to see my hair styled in a horrible way..

‘Emily what did you do?!!'..

‘I gave you a new look'..

Selena's POV♥️

‘Whoa what happened to you??'...I asked seeing the horrible mess of hair and rollers on Xander's head..

‘She...Emily...She dyed my hair red!!'..He yelled angrily and when I threw a look at Emily she just smiled...

‘He looks good'..

‘No Emily he doesn't look good what is this?!!'..I yelled and she whimpered...

‘Mr Grumpy tell Mommy not to scream at me'..She said holding onto Xander's leg and surprisingly he smiled...

He smiled!!..

‘You know this is not so bad,I just need to go to the hair stylist and I'll be okay'..He said and Emily giggled...

‘Thanks daddy'..


did she just call him daddy?!!'..



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