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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 16 💝

Alexander's POV ♥️

I wanted her to hate me!!!..

I wanted her to despise me and tell me a story of how she suffered without no help from both sides...

I wanted her to tell me that she would never let that sharp mouthed kid near me now she wants me to pick her up from school...

In all my twenty eight years of living I have never felt awkward as I feel now...

How on Earth was I in love with someone as Crazy as Selena?!!...

She threw a cup of coffee at me now I'm picking her daughter —No our daughter from school...

‘Uhhhhh I'm looking for Emily,she's got blue eyes and uhhh—

‘What is Mr Grumpy doing here??'.. The little terror I was looking for asked..

‘Well your mommy said I should come pick you up from school'..I replied and she arched her brow..

Oh God I hate kids...

‘My mommy didn't say that'..

‘Well she did'..

‘She didn't!! according to her you are a stuck up piece of trash,a bastard,a son of a something and an arrogant something hole'..

‘Okay that's enough let's go!!! Or do you have someone else to pick you up?!'..I snarled..

‘Ohhhh okay,nice car by the way'..She muttered and got in..

Oh God this is going to be a long ride...

minutes later ♥️
’For someone who's grumpy you don't talk a lot'..Emily muttered as I lowered the music playing from the car'a sound system...

‘I don't talk when there's no need for talking'..I said...

‘You don't talk?? You're boring uggh Uncle Mac is way more fun than you'..She retorted and I rolled my eyes again...

Mac has always been the Ladies and kids charmer..

‘Ice cream!!!'..She squealed and I stopped the car immediately...

‘Well let's go get some ice cream shall we??'..I said and her eyes widened in excitement...

Oh my God what is wrong with me?!!..

Selena's POV♥️

at 🌃
‘It's 8pm already Janet and he's not back yet!! o made a terrible mistake oh God I have to file a report!!'..I panicked as I paced in and around the room...

‘Just chill girl,he wouldn't do anything his daughter would he??'..She said.

‘You don't know Xander he's unpredictable and he knows it Oh God I'm so scared right now and...' voice trailed off as soon as I heard a knock on the door...

I ran over and opened it and thank goodness Xander was there with Emily but with bags!!!!...

Lots of bags which contained only what God knows and they all look like girl things..

‘Mommy'..Emily yawned as she wrapped her hands around his neck..

‘Why is she so tired??'..I asked nervously...

‘Well it's crazy what lots of ice cream, burgers and cotton candy and a ride in the park can do to a kid'..He replied avoiding my eyes as possible...

‘Emily let's go'..I muttered..

‘No I want Mr Grumpy'..She replied slapping my hands away...


Emily has never refused me before..

’Emily come on let's go Mr Grumpy has to go to his house'..

‘No!! I want to go with Mr Grumpy he's the best'...

the best?? .

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