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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 15 💝

Alexander's POV♥️

‘Xander she doesn't have a daughter for you, it's not your daughter'..Mother said trying to hold me but I slapped her hands off...

‘Are you out of your mind?? she's not my daughter?? Have you seen her?? Mother I can't even believe you would even do something like this to me I never even expected it from you!! Selena now thinks of me as a stupid arrogant and heartless playboy!!'..I yelled..

‘Xander I'm sorry but you're better than this!! she's not your class at all and all you have to do is still act like you don't know them.Act like you still don't know them and you'll be okay'...She said and I still shook my head..

‘No mother I am not better than this!! I am a person who owns up to my responsibility and I am going to make this work whether you like it or not'...

Selena's POV♥️

‘We gotta go!! we just gotta go I don't care about anything we just have to go!!'..I said aloud as I began stuffing my clothes back into my bag...

‘What...what is going on?? don't you have a job?!'..Janet asked..

‘My job is fucked up already as it is and I can't stay another minute knowing that Xander doesn't even remember me!! I was terribly in love with this man Janet and now he doesn't know me so what's the point?!!!'...I replied and went over to the door...

I think the pizza is here...

‘Uhhh wh..what are you doing here...what..what are you doing here?!! to give me my termination letter??'..I asked seeing Xander at my foot...

‘look I am a confused person right now and I just want you to know that I had an accident,your name was the first I mentioned when I drew out of coma and my mother told me someone like you never existed and since I was a wreck and couldn't remember anything I took it like that'..He said..

‘And the text??'..

‘She sent it,look I don't even want to cause any trouble for you I just want to clear my name and even though I act like a jerk sometimes I would never do something like that to a person...I don't want to be a father figure in Emily's life cause I'm sure that's what you'd want and I never imagined myself as the father to a four year old —Bye'..He replied and for the first time I saw genuine regret in his eyes since the past days I've gotten to know the new side of him...

‘Xand—sir—Xander uhhh I uhhh,I need someone to pick Emily from school'..I called and he turned around...

’Really?? Selena I don't want to—

’Act grumpy as you want she's your daughter,go pick her up'..

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