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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 14 💝

Alexander's POV♥️

‘You won't believe what I just found out Xander!! it might sound crazy but it's actually true!!'..Mac yelled as he ran into my office...

‘I convinced Selena to stay'..He added...

‘I don't want her to stay,what part of that do you not even understand??'..I groaned..

‘‘Well that doesn't matter,Xander what school did you attend??'...He asked..

‘Royal Montessori why do you ask??'..

‘Did you have a girlfriend or something?? like a long term girlfriend??'..He asked again..

‘I dated a lot of girls but I don't think I ever had a long term girlfriend'...I replied..

‘You did Alexander!!! you did!! remember when you had that accident when we went on that ski trip?? yeah you were very happy and then you said you had a surprise for me,my guess was that you proposed to someone but what do I know you always kept everything you do secretly!!! I think you lost your memory Xander'...He said and after an awkward moment of silence I bursted out laughing...

‘That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard in my entire life!!'....

‘No Xander look!!!'..He said and then handed a photo over to me...

‘What is this?? What is this?? is this a joke or something??! is this a terrible joke?? Why am I kissing that crazy woman's cheek?!! what is this!!!'...I asked as I got up from the chair..

‘You are Emily's father Xander,you were Selena's boyfriend right from when she was 16!!! you proposed to her when she was 21 and then later you broke up with her through a stupid text that broke her heart!!! then she realized that she was carrying your child'..He explained...

this is...

this is all funny to me!!...

I mean this is unbelievably not true!!..

‘Where is she?! Selena where is she?!! where the hell is she?!!'..I yelled as I scrambled to get out of the table...

I ran over to Selena's but...

but she was gone!!!!...

Hours later ♥️
‘Xander!!'..Meredith,my teenage sister squealed as I parked right in front of the house..

‘Zip it!! where is mom?"...I yelled at her..

‘She...she's in the garden'..She replied and I pushed her out of the way straight to where mother was ..

‘Ohhh Xander you—

‘I didn't come here to play squash with you Mom!!! four years ago after my accident what happened??'..I cut in rudely and she gasped loudly...

‘Xander what are you saying??'..

‘Mom tell me the truth or you'll never hear from me ever again!!!!'...

‘Okay fine!!! You were slowly drifting apart from the family!! You were always with her and how old were you?? you were just 25!!! You were always at her place! you wouldn't come home for dinner or anything!! I had to do something and when you told me that you wanted to marry her I knew you were doomed!! I wanted you to get another degree not marry a girl I never liked?? So when you had that accident the first name you called was Selena and then I told you that there was no Selena!!! since you were still overwhelmed you believed me and left!! so what?? I did it to save you!'..She screamed...

‘You did it to save me?!! She has a daughter got me mom!!! I have a daughter!!!'

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