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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 13 💝

Mac's POV ♥️

‘Ohhh my God a towel!!! Somebody get a towel!!!'... I cried out half amused and half shocked too that Selena would do something like this..

she's the only woman who stood up to this my bully of a friend...

‘That lady is a crazy person get security and throw her out please I don't want to see her face!!'... Alexander groaned and I couldn't help but chuckle..

‘There's no need for that Xander and you know she's the only person who agrees to be your PA,the whole of New York know you to be a bully so you have to put up with it'....

‘My mommy quits!!!! you made her cry!!!'... Emily yelled and ran in,scattered everything on his table and ran off..

‘That kid is as crazy as her mother and I like them both'..I muttered and Alexander's eyes popped out...

‘Are you mocking me?? that is not funny Mac she poured hot coffee on me!!'..

‘Well you deserved it though,your coffee was perfectly okay and you know not everyone loves their buttons getting pushed and you really pushed poor Selena's buttons'..I replied and headed out the door..

‘Please don't leave Selena please'..I begged as she started putting her things into a box and then a picture fell out...

I picked it up and it was a high school picture of her and someone's shockingly kissing her cheeks while the others were just talking..

Isn't that Alexander?!!!...

Oh my God this just keeps getting strange every minute...

I am a hundred percent sure that is Alexander...

the pointed nose..

the amazing brown hair..

The elf like this ears...

The hand scar!!!...

This is Alexander!!..

‘Gimme that!!'..Selena quickly said as she wanted to take the picture away from my hands...

‘Just wait a minute Selena..just.. just hold up.First I take you home and then realize you have a daughter who looks exactly like Alexander and then now you spilled hot coffee on him and then screamed saying that he Just uses women and dump them which is not Alexander cause he has damn good looks but he is as cold as ice and doesn't even have a girlfriend!!! Using women is one thing I don't know him for and now I see a picture of the both of you and his lips are on your cheeks?!!l Please tell me what on Earth is going on!!!'..I screamed and she sighed deeply..

‘Okay,okay I'll just say it then...Years ago Alexander and I attended the same high school,I was 16 when we both started dating till I got to 21,he proposed to me on my birthday and I said yes but the next day he broke up with me with just a text saying IT'S OVER'..


‘Yeah yikes,I went to look for him but he was gone and two weeks later after that I found out that I was pregnant for him'..She added and I gasped..

i knew it!!!...

I knew Emily was Xander's daughter...

‘So you came for—

‘Seriously I didn't even know my ex was going to be my boss!! He doesn't even remember me and what should I go and tell him?? that he broke my heart and left me pregnant?!'

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