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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 11 💝

Selena's POV ♥️

‘The bastard just thinks he can keep me waiting like I'm some stupid fellow which is so not very cool!!'..I groaned as Janet walked into the room…

‘Now some very funny shit is going on here to be honest with you here…Alexander is your high school sweetheart and you dated him since you were sixteen years old right??Now when nineteen or twenty one he proposed to you right?? And then the next day he call things off with you through a text and then left you pregnant with a child in your belly!!! Now it's been four or five years and you see the bastard but he doesn't remember you?? He doesn't even know you?? And he's your boss?? That's some stupid bullshit there!!!'..She said and I shrugged my shoulders...

‘It''s the most confusing thing ever and I just feel like I wanna cry cause..cause this same person ruined my life now I'm gonna act like everything is okay?? That's just not even possible and I'm trying to hard to fathom the fact that he doesn't even remember me'..

‘Hey!!! he remembers you!!! I'm a 100% sure he remembers you girl!!! You don't go to highschool and become someone's boyfriend for almost five years and then you tell me you. Forget them!! That's just not possible and that Emily needs her father!!'…She screamed..

‘Well Emily doesn't know her father does she?? And her father doesn't even know me or her!!! Can you even imagine that I was asked how my daughter looks so much like him by his friend??'..I blurted out my frustration…

‘Look you're gonna pull yourself together and you're gonna teach that bastard a lesson because of this!!! He can't say he doesn't know you after proposing to you and breaking your heart the next day after leaving a remnant of his sperm in your belly there's no way we're gonna let that slide so are you in!'..

‘Yeah I'm in!!'..

Alexander's POV♥️

The Next Morning 🌥

‘Dude that child looks like you!! There is no way you can tell me that you missed that!!'..Mac exclaimed as I clearly ignored his words..

‘Look Mac today is going to be a busy day and I have a lot of work to finish so please,just keep it down on a low'…

‘On a low?? Remember how you used to say you never wanted kids cause they were all so scrawny and your schedule couldn't bear it?? Well that girl might be your daughter for all sakes!!'..He still persisted with his stupid logic and I rolled my eyes..

‘Look Mac I am not in the mood for all this!!there is no way she looks like me and I have never met Selena in my entire life apart from this week!'..

With loud gasps from everyone outside my office I walked out only to see Selena and her daughter walking over…

Holy Mary mother of God this Child looks exactly like me!!!!….

‘No kids allowed!! Why on Earth would you bring your child to work?!'..I snarled at her..

‘Well it's Saturday and I can't leave her home all by herself'..she replied and I noticed the glares from other staffs…

This is so embarrassing..

‘Just keep her in your office okay?? And if she causes any trouble you're fired!'..I warned and turned away..

‘He's a grumpy bastard'..the little girl whispered.

"What did you call me??'..I flinched..

‘I called you a grumpy man'..She replied and I shook my head..

I hate kids..

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