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 💝♥️My Ex

               Is my boss??💝♥️
💝(His crazy woman)💝

       💝 Episode 10💝

Selena's POV cont'd♥️

I backed up my tears not ready to cry in front of him and walked away from his office over to the assignment he gave to me…

I shouldn't have opened my legs?!!..

He was the only person I opened my legs to and he was the only person I loved and thought I would spend the rest of my life with until he proposed to me and broke up with me the next day over the phone...

Fine he can deny ever knowing me but doing it like this just hurts the more..

Where is the loving and sweet Xander that I know??..

Where is the funny and jovial Xander that I know??..

All I see now is a grumpy ass rude, obnoxious and arrogant overly handsome man who doesn't care about anyone but himself...

Oh God what do I do about Emily now??..

Minutes later ♥️
‘Done!!!'…I yelled as I dropped a receipt in front of him and when I checked the time it was already 8pm...

Oh my God Emily is so gonna kill me!!..

‘Jesus Christ what are you still doing here Selena?!!'..Mac who came in surprised asked….

‘Well that —Mr Xander kept me here and I didn't pick my daughter from school and.…God I can't take this anymore!!'..I bursted into tears and sat back down on the chair..

Maybe if I had listened to mom's advise that time I wouldn't have even been Xander's girlfriend or even gone out with him or anything…

‘Ohhh don't cry you'll ruin your pretty face,okay let's go I'll take you home'..Mac offered..

‘Thank you so much Mac'..I said..

‘Hmmm where do you live??'..He asked..

‘Ohhh just close Mr Xander's mega house'..i replied and his eyes widened in bewilderment…

‘Okay let's go then'..

Mac's POV♥️

‘Mommy!!!'..a little girl of about four or five years old came out of the little detached house close to Xander's and Selena came out of it and went to hug her..

‘Ohhh baby I'm so sorry about everything I really am to be honest I am so so sorry please forgive me honey'…She said and kissed the little girl..

‘Its okay Jane picked me up from school'..The little wonder said and then I saw the little face..

‘Ohhh sorry Emily meet Mr Mac from work'..Selena introduced me..

‘Hi Emily'..I waved..

‘Mac?? As in Mac Donald's??'..She asked and I chuckled loudly only for me to be struck with shock..


She looks exactly like Alexander!!..

How on Earth does she look so much like Alexander?!!…

This is unbelievable does he have a brother or something cause this resemblance isn't something to forget or anything..

This isn't coincidental this child is a perfect replica of my friend….

‘Uhhh Selena is there something you're not telling me?? How on Earth can your daughter look so much like Xander??'..I couldn't help but ask..

‘I…I...I don't know'..She stuttered which clearly shows that she's lying and quickly walked away before I could ask further questions..

There is no doubt that that child is Xander's!!!…

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