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        Xavier's pov

She was driving me fucking insane and the way she was speaking, I just couldn't control myself any longer.

I needed to have her. Needed to be close to her.

I needed to feel her.

Needed to touch her.

I needed to be able to feel her.

Needed to kiss her and that's just exactly what I did.

Just like always, her lips felt perfect against mine and at that moment, I forgot about every other thing.

Every other single that was on my mind and that was bothering me, I forgot about every one of them.

The phone call. Hearing a voice that sounded like Skylar's and would definitely be hers because I just can't miss her voice. Skylar telling me that she's alive. Skylar telling me that she wants me back. Wants us back. Skylar telling me that she's going to proof to me that she's truly alive when though I have absolutely no idea of how the hell she was going to prove that to me.

Everything was just driving me insane. Driving me nuts.

I couldn't help it, she's always the one that manages to help me in these situations even without knowing it. Her kisses, they do something to me and that's what I did, I kissed her but she didn't kiss me back 

I was confused for a trance, why wasn't she kissing me back? This is what she wanted right? This is what she always wanted and now that she's having it, why isn't she doing it?

Though it felt unfair on my part that I was using her. Using her to get rid of my own problems. Using her feelings to get rid and stop overrthinking my own problems. It felt wrong but there was nothing else I could do.

This is the only way that I do.

Pulling back, I stare into her eyes just to see her stare right back at me. Those fucking brown eyes of hers! They do something to me. Something that I must not allow. Something that I'm never going to admit.

I kiss her once again and she doesn't waste a minute this time before kissing me right back, her arms going straight to my arms and I felt good under her touch. I stiffened for a moment before wrapping her legs around my waist and pinning her even harder against the wall as my arms goes to her waist and nothing else mattered at that moment except the girl that's in my arms right now.

Well, that's until that voice came.


She had called and I stiffened immediately, my lips no longer moving against hers as I slowly detach from her and turn my head towards the voice.

It's her, it's really her. My ex girlfriend, the one who I had presumed should be dead is standing right here in front of my eyes.


"Missed me mi amor?"

She smiles at me and I mutter that one word.


     TBC ♥️.

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