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        Michelle's pov

I gasp as I feel his lips on me and I don't know why but my body felt so weird. 

Maybe for the fact that he's kissing me right now but I also felt like there's something more to it than he just kissing me right now. I feel like this had happened before and the memory wouldn't just come.

I don't know why but all I can see is blurs of what I presumed should be the memory that I'm trying to dig out.

He pulls back and I'm still in a state of shock but that ended immediately he stares into my eyes and I just couldn't say anything but to gulp in, even though I'm feeling a little bit sad.

I didn't respond to his kisses because I was too busy thinking about why it felt so much like he had kissed me before.

Well, technically he has kissed me before but all those times, I do remember vividly and the images are always clear I'm my head but this one just comes as a blur and I can't even remember a thing but the feeling seems so familiar.

Where could he have kissed me and I didn't even know how and when?

"Are you okay?"

He asks and I raise my head to look at him.

Judging by how he asked that question, you would have thought that maybe he would have a expression of worry clouded across his face but nothing of such happened because he's just staring at me with the same expressionless face that he always have on.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about something and I zoned out. I'm sorry I..."

Without allowing me to finish my words once again, he closes his lips over mine and this time, there's no thought that would take my focus away from this. The way his lips felt against mine, the way my body reacted to it.

It was something that I could never get over. Something that I don't want to ever get over.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I'm surprised when he wraps his arms around my thighs and lift me off, making me wrap my legs around his waist as his hands goes to my waist next and I moan out, while he uses that opportunity to slide his tongue in.

This isn't the normal soft gentle kisses that he always give me. This is different, so much different with the way that his tongue explored my mouth, the way that his hands slides down my waist and rubs over my thighs. The feeling is heavenly and I couldn't get enough of it.

I never want this moment to end, if only time could end at this exact moment then I would be the happiest girl on earth but of course, there's always a distraction.


And that voice comes out of nowhere.

    TBC ♥️.

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