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        Diana's pov

"Alright guys, we are starting in two minutes..."

The director says again and I look over at Michelle who looks like she's going to eat me alive, if looks could kill. I'm sure I would be ten feet underground right now.

I feel her glares on me before she starts walking towards her, making her way over and I cross my arms against my chest to see her in view even more than that.

"You played with me."

She snarled as she stops in front of me and I chuckle, throwing my head in the back and laughing out loud that I'm sure other that are surrounding us must be wondering what's going on between us.

"No I didn't play with you Michelle. You just weren't smart enough to figure out what's going on."

I wink at her and she takes another step closer to me and now she's literally in my face and when I mean in my face, I mean she's literally in my face.

"I've had enough of you and your stupid tricks. I've had enough, how dare you trick me into getting this role just so you could get that role and be close to Xavier?"

She raises her brows at me and I wink at her.

"Oh baby, you don't have to sound so bitter and so jealous. It isn't my fault that you didn't read the script when you were supposed to and come to think of it, I actually told you that I don't want this role, didn't I? After Clara intervened, I did mentioned you getting this re but what did you say? You said you don't want it and you would just take the role of Rosanna so why the hell are you blaming me for something that isn't even my fault right now?"

I raise my brows at her and she stares at me, her breathing heavy as her chest heaves up and down.

I look around to see everyone's eyes on us and I flash them a fake smile before looking back at her.

"That's because you tricked me and you made me believe that this role is the best..."

"It is the best."

I cut her off, smirking at her.

"It is the best I promise you. You just have to act well towards it and I didn't trick you in any way Michelle. This role means nothing, it's just a few kisses and there with Xavier which I'm sure wouldn't hurt much. After all you're his girlfriend and you're the only one that be wants so you shouldn't be angry over this."

I chuckle, smiling at her and she glares at her. She almost look like she's ready to pound on me.

"Calm down Michelle. Next time just make sure that you read the scripts before coming back here. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got things to prepare for."

I wink at her before walking away.

     TBC ♥️.

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