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Season 12

Episode 9

(Bad Intentions)

One could make do in ones daily life, but sometimes, one should not make do in living.

There were no limits to living.

Thus, one actually should not settle in life.

However, Gu Jingze was not this kind of man. He was the kind of person who made sure that the minor gestures were made first before he went on to the major actions.

Thus, he always put in his best effort.

Lin Che looked at him and wondered how she ever deserved his efforts. However, she still enjoyed it very much.

As Lin Che ate, she said, "Actually, the food at home would probably suit your taste bud more. This is a little different."

Gu Jingze replied, "Secretary Lan prepared it. The companys chefs probably did it. Their food tends to be healthier."

"Yeah, they probably wouldnt use charcoal like this."

"Thats right. Its unhygienic and Secretary Lan is more careful. She wouldnt do that."

When he mentioned Secretary Lan, Lin Che asked, "Has Secretary Lan worked for you for a long time?"

"Well, yes. Its been a few years." He couldnt remember exactly how many years it was. He only knew that when they started the branch here, she was already around.

Lin Che said, "It looks like she is probably very capable. Otherwise, how could a strict person like you keep her around for so long? Its just like Qin Hao. He is meticulous and that is why he can stay by your side. Shes probably not that different from Qin Hao, right?"

"Yeah. Actually, in terms of abilities, shes on par with Qin Hao. Its just that shes a woman."

It was not that Gu Jingze discriminated against women. It was because of his allergy to women that left him with no choice.

He could not have any woman around him.

Thus, no matter how good Secretary Lan was, she would still be stationed in S City. She was able to work with him for so long and never dismissed was also because she was always in S City. She was not close to him physically.

Otherwise, except a few female secretaries who do not come in physical contact with Gu Jingze, everyone else was a man.

Lin Che said, "Its really impressive for a woman to get to where she is now."

She was not discriminating against women either. It was because men sometimes had certain advantages that would make them more successful. Women had their own advantages in other areas, so they were more successful in those areas. When it came to a career, women had a natural obstacle that was not easy to overcome. By overthinking things, matters would become more troublesome. Men could easily tackle issues as they were so that matters could be easily solved.

This couldnt be helped. The majority of the women had a more delicate sensuality than men.

Lin Che spoke and Gu Jingze nodded. "Thats right, but she did slip up this time."

He also planned to talk to the kitchen later and dismiss a few chefs as punishment.

The high salary in the Gu Industries also meant that the stakes were higher. The risk was that if you were not qualified enough, you could easily be replaced by someone else. Everything had its own advantages and disadvantages. This was true everywhere.

In the past, the Gu familys chefs were already very impressive to be able to stay until now. They were not just impressive in their skills but were also able to satisfy the familys needs in every aspect. They clearly knew what Gu Jingze wanted and what Lin Che wanted. Just one word and they would deliver.

However, the chefs here were clearly not up to standard.

That was because he never bothered to get personal them in the past, either. Now that he thought about it, the chefs always fulfilled his requirements when it was usually just him alone. They never asked about anyone else. Thus, he never said anything. Now that Lin Che was here, they still continued to only focus on his requirements. This was naturally not good.

He had already taken this matter to heart, and he was not anxious for the time being.

Lin Che continued, "Shes been working in the Gu Industries for so long, so she must be rather mature. But I really cant tell what exactly is her age. Its so busy at work. Does she have kids? Does she have a family?"

"" Gu Jingze did not know.

He never cared about personal matters.

"Well, maybe I guess not," he said.

"What? Shes worked for you for eight years. Shouldnt you think about how she feels?" Lin Che knew that Qin Hao already wanted to start a family.

He wanted to, but he had not.

Because he was too busy, he had blown off a few relationships. His current girlfriend was his secretary. As they worked together all the time, they often saw each other even though they had no time to date. They ended up together and Gu Jingze became the matchmaker. He gave a huge bonus to the two of them as they were getting ready to marry after the new year.

Working in Gu Industries was too sad.

Lin Che said, "Dont chain people down all the time. You have to think about their personal lives."

Gu Jingze said, "I dont think she has taken a day off before. She never took marriage leave or maternity leave, so she probably doesnt have a family."

Lin Che shook her head. "Oh my, youre such an exploiter."

Gu Jingze said, "She never asked before. How would I know?"

"Perhaps its because competition and stress in the Gu Industries are too great, so she doesnt dare to take a day off."

Gu Jingze said, "Only with the competition will there be progression. This is a good competition, but they had to turn it malicious. I cant possibly babysit every single employee."

That was true too.

Lin Che cocked her head to the side and said, "It looks like there really is a price to pay to get a good job."

Gu Jingze said, "Youre lucky that you met me first. Otherwise, you probably wouldnt be able to take a break or get married since youre so busy now."

Lin Che shrugged.

After they finished eating, they headed back. Gu Jingze continued working in the afternoon.

When he was less busy, he then saw Secretary Lan at the side and was reminded of Lin Ches words. He asked, "Secretary Lan, are you married?"

Secretary Lan was silent.

Gu Jingze actually asked about her personal life.

Gu Jingze had never asked about these things.

At that moment, her heart palpitated crazily and she almost lost control.

"I, I am not."

Gu Jingze nodded and said, "If you need to take a break to date or get married, you can tell me."

Secretary Lan quickly said, "No. Im not looking for a relationship at the moment."

"Its also part of life. Youve been working so hard at Gu Industries and I dont want you forsaking other aspects of your life. Our company is not that demanding," Gu Jingze spoke as he massaged his temples.

Secretary Lan was extremely touched.

She gazed at Gu Jingzes side profile. His fatigue made her want to heal him. Even in his most tired state, he was filled with sharpness. This made people feel that he was so distinctly smart. He was so cold with not a hint of softness. This was a true man.

Secretary Lan blushed. "Theres no need to. I think my life is fine right now. Being with President Gu is much, much better than getting married. Im willing to always be with President Gu working diligently."

Just then, Lin Che came in.

She opened the door and saw Secretary Lan at the side.

Gu Jingze did not lift his head up. He sat in his chair as he closed his eyes to rest.

Thus, he naturally did not see the bashful look on Secretary Lans face.

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