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Season 12

Episode 77

(Jump Down Together With Me)

Yunyun curled her lip in slight unhappiness. But she had always followed Gu Shinian’s words to a tee, so she could only nod her head.

As she looked at Li Mo, she felt that he was a little pitiful. He sat there the whole time without a single friend. The way he looked

Before the night was halfway through, the teachers took the children to play games together. However, just when they had started playing

All of a sudden, it felt as if there were fewer people on the grass field.

“Teacher, some people came and took a few kids away,” one of the students raised his hand and said.

“What? Took them away? When did that happen?”

“Earlier, when we came here.”

The teacher was immediately stunned. She quickly mobilized all the teachers to search for the kids.

Immediately, everyone on the grass field was in complete chaos.

The teacher looked around and saw that the important students were still around. In that case, why had those other students been taken away?

At this exact moment, a large car suddenly rushed in.

“Everyone, move aside!” One of the teachers shouted with all her might when she saw it.

All the students around her ran away in a frenzy.

The children also scattered in all directions immediately.

Just then, Yunyun had still been in shock when she suddenly sensed a hand grab her.

She looked up only to see a dark and well-built man currently lifting her up forcefully.

“Ah Brother Niannian”, she shouted loudly.

However, just then, there was a bang

It was a gunshot.

The brawny man immediately collapsed onto the ground.

Immediately after, Yunyun was tossed onto the ground. She looked up only to see Niannian standing behind her. There was still a trail of smoke coming out of the barrel of the gun in his hand.

She clutched her chest and even momentarily wanted to turn around to take a look.

However, Gu Shinian quickly pulled her to her feet.

“Don’t look. Come with me.”

Yunyun ran out after him with a stagger.

Gu Shinian pulled her with him and walked out. Behind them, someone had already noticed him.

“In front. Quick, look. He’s the one holding a gun.”

Yunyun said in shock, “Brother Niannian, what do I do”

The expression on Gu Shinian’s face was calm. He did not even turn his head and his footsteps were not at all hurried. He merely pulled her and said quickly, “Don’t turn around. Follow me.”

Yunyun’s expression was extremely confused.

She simply followed him and ran. However, she suddenly saw that they had reached a dead end.

The ravine was in front.

It seemed that they would go into a bottomless abyss if they continued walking.

Yunyun shouted, “Brother Niannian, what do we do”

Gu Shinian turned his head to look, only to see that those people had already rushed over.

They looked straight at Gu Shinian and chuckled.

“Little guy, you’re impressive. You know how to use a gun at such a young age. But you have nowhere to go now.”

“Be good and come back with us. We have plenty of ice cream and chocolates at home for you guys to eat.”

They looked at Gu Shinian and Yunyun.

Yunyun tugged at Gu Shinian’s arm in fear.

In a moment, they had already been pushed to the edge of the cliff.

Gu Shinian and Yunyun held on to each other tightly. They watched the men close in on the two of them. Right now, there was another man whose arm was already outstretched towards them.

He wanted to grab Gu Shinian directly.

However, at this moment

Out of the blue, someone rushed towards them from behind.

“Ah” A child was shouting in his thin voice while running over. He immediately hugged the man’s leg and threw himself onto the ground, not allowing him to move forward.

Gu Shinian looked down. The person who had pounced on him was Li Mo.

The tall man could not move towards them. But nevertheless, Gu Shinian and Yunyun had nowhere to run.

Gu Shinian glanced at the precipice behind them before raising his head to look at Li Mo in front of him.

The man kicked Li Mo and threw him aside directly without waiting for him to move.

Gu Shinian clenched his teeth and quickly pulled Yunyun to him. “Jump!”

“Ah Brother Niannian, no”

“Follow me and jump down. You’ll be fine. Trust me!”


Gu Shinian hugged Yunyun. “Hold on to my waist!”

Then, he felt Yunyun hug his waist obediently. He immediately walked to the edge of the cliff and jumped off.


Yunyun’s scream reverberated.

There was no way they could have imagined that Gu Shinian would actually jump down.

Why did this child take things so hard? They could not believe that he had simply jumped down because he did not want to get caught.

The tall man looked at Li Mo on the ground.

He tossed him off the cliff with them without hesitation.


Li Mo shouted before rolling down the cliff as well.

They looked at each other, still confused.

“Who was that? He looked slightly familiar too.”

“I heard that Li Mingyu’s child was also sent here. Could that child be his?”

“Now that you’ve said it, I think it might be.”

“Then what do we do? Li Mingyu is a lunatic through and through. If we kill his child, won’t he come after us when the time comes?”

“Enough. Now that the Gu family’s child has jumped down, we definitely have to run. If Gu Jingze gets his hands on us, he’ll make life a living hell for us. We’ll die if one person jumps off anyway. We’ll also die if two people jump off. Alright. Let’s go.”

They glanced down below in pity. It was so deep.

They seemed to be pretty good children. It was a waste.

Down below

Gu Shinian looked at Yunyun and continued to hug her while consoling her. “Alright, Yunyun. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Aren’t we fine now?”

Yunyun had genuinely been scared out of her wits when they had jumped down earlier.

She sincerely thought that she was going to fall to her death.

However, while they were in midair, Gu Shinian suddenly took some unknown object out of his pocket. It hung directly on a branch after he shot it. Thus, the two of them hung down just like that. They swayed for a bit before falling onto the ground.

Yunyun looked up at Gu Shinian. “Brother Niannian, what’s that?”

Gu Shinian said, “It’s just a little gadget.”

“Did your mother give it to you?”

Gu Shinian thought that his mother would probably have beat him to death a long time ago if she knew about this.

He had gotten this from Black Hawk.

Gu Shinian said, “It’s all thanks to your Uncle Mo.”


Gu Shinian had gone through many difficulties to steal this. But if his uncle found out now that he had used this to save his daughter’s life, he probably wouldn’t be too angry.

At last, Yunyun felt significantly better. The two of them walked out. While walking, Yunyun asked, “How do we go out now?”

“Wait for a bit. They will probably come down and search the area for our bodies. If they can’t find our bodies, they’ll search more carefully for us. We need to leave this place first. But we have to find a good route for us to leave. Otherwise, we’ll exhaust all our stamina and they’ll catch up with us in no time.”

“Oh, alright then hey, Brother Niannian, look in front.”

Gu Shinian took a look only to see a child currently hanging on the fork of a tree and gasping for breath

Li Mo.

“Good gracious, it’s Li Mo. Quick, get him down.”

The two of them used a lot of strength to get Li Mo down.

They felt much more relieved upon seeing that Li Mo was still breathing.

“Come on. We’ll look for a place to rest first.” While speaking, Gu Shinian and Yunyun dragged Li Mo in tow.

Very soon after, they found a small cave. It did not look that dangerous, so they temporarily stopped here for a rest.

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