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Season 12

Episode 75

(I Absolutely Believe In Your Ability)

The battle mode would be much more complicated. There were high requirements for balance and design. This was also a major test for the game developers.

From the start, they were prepared to do it halfheartedly, but now, they planned to do it properly.

Within a month, they really managed to produce a prototype.

Back at Kaisheng Group.

Lin Che arrived first and heard some people talking from behind.

“Manager Chen, they are really coming today.”

“I heard that they are just a bunch of students. Lin Che is really toying with us.”

“Exactly. No matter how good they are, they would never pass on Director Li’s side. He’s not a fool. Why would he allow some kids to toy with something worth billions?”

“That’s not how you play with women. Just because Lin Che is good-looking doesn’t mean that she can waste money like that.”

Everyone was still puzzled. If Li Mingyu only invested because he wanted to chase a girl, why have they never seen those two interact with each other at all? Lin Che only came and left when she had to. She didn’t even bother to go up and find Li Mingyu. Meanwhile, Li Mingyu also did not care about this matter at all.

Or was it all just in the heat of the moment, and Li Mingyu later found someone new?

They all knew that Li Mingyu was a playboy and he had an endless line of women. But they felt that they were being played out too much. Did he get this woman to especially drag them down?

Lin Che listened outside and rolled her eyes. Did she really look like she would be a sugar baby?

How did she become Li Mingyu’s sugar baby, to be specific?

Not by a single hair.

However, Lin Che still did not go in. She went out and saw that the university students were here. She smiled and said, “It’s been hard on all of you recently.”

They indeed rushed their work before coming here. They skipped many classes and were definitely going to suffer this semester.

But they didn’t care either. They devoted themselves to this game and did not want to leave any room for error.

In the office.

Chen Lanshan looked at the prototype and could not tell if it was good or not.

But she was indeed amazed. Was this the standard of some average university students?

She looked at the group and felt confused. Was this the reason Lin Che chose them? Was it because they were better than average university students?

But could they really create a large-scale game well? That would be ludicrous. They were just some students. Was it sheer dumb luck that Lin Che found some gaming geniuses? She still could not believe it.

But with the game there, she knew that the prototype looked rather promising.

She could not find anything to nitpick on and only looked suspiciously at the students. She felt a little worried.

Lin Che said, “Very good. You did it before the expected deadline. You guys clearly worked hard.”

Crooked Neck immediately replied, “That’s because the big star Lin Che encouraged us, so we did it with gusto. We burned through so many nights You didn’t see how many cups of instant noodles were stacked in our room.”

He continued blabbering but quickly shut up when he saw Chen Lanshan’s expression become worse.

Chen Lanshan looked at them and wanted to shake her head.

It was too absurd.

“Miss Lin, although it doesn’t look bad from a non-professional point of view, we still need Director Li’s approval for us to continue.”

Lin Che heard this and said, “Of course. It’s only right. We’ll”

“I’ll check first.”


In Li Mingyu’s office.

Chen Lanshan said, “Miss Lin has good intentions, but she’s not a professional and found some university students. Please take a look”

Li Mingyu heard this and asked, “Oh. They are downstairs right now?”

“Yes, Director Li.”

“Okay, let’s go down and see.”

Li Mingyu immediately stood up.

Chen Lanshan thought with relief that Director Li probably didn’t have any thoughts on Lin Che now. Otherwise, given Director Li’s character, he would get the woman he desired quickly. He would not leave Lin Che unbothered for so long.

They went down.

When Li Mingyu entered, Lin Che was still talking to the group about the game.

The few young lads looked at the game and at Lin Che as if they were enamored by her.

Who could blame them? How often did they come across a beauty like Lin Che? Although they could only look at her, it was enough.

It would have been a big deal to be able to just stand beside her. They never thought that they would be working with her now. In one month, they had numerous phone calls and meetings. They must have been ecstatic beyond words.

Li Mingyu hardened his expression and entered.

Chen Lanshan watched from behind with anticipation.

Li Mingyu thought to himself, Hey, I don’t even dare to look at her that way and you guys are staring at her like that. Do you want to die?

Lin Che looked at Li Mingyu. “You’re finally here. Look, look, look. We’ve made a prototype. Take a good look.”

Li Mingyu then pulled Lin Che aside and asked, “Hey, hey, hey, why are they so young? No wonder you always reject me. It turns out that you like younger guys.”

“” Lin Che twisted her arm out of his grip. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“It seems that way.”

“Let me ask you this. Are you as handsome as Gu Jingze?”


“Are you as rich as Gu Jingze?”


“Are you as charming as Gu Jingze?”


“These are the real reasons why I reject you, got it?”


How infuriating.

Li Mingyu asked, “Can’t you save me some face?”

“Nope, sorry.” Lin Che scoffed, pushed him away, and continued to look at the game.

Li Mingyu grunted but turning to see that everyone was still watching him. He quickly turned back and smiled. “How is it?”

Chen Lanshan then walked over. “Take a look, Director Li. These are university students. Oh, they are in their junior year. Which school are you from?”

“We’re from A University,” Crooked Neck stood up and replied.

Being in the same room as a rich guy like Li Mingyu, he was also much more obedient.

Li Mingyu looked at the prototype game on the screen. “This is the prototype?”

“That’s right.”

“I think it’s pretty good,” Li Mingyu said.

Chen Lanshan was stunned. What was Li Mingyu doing here?

She chimed in from behind, “Sir, these guys are only juniors. I feel that the two billion yuan investment”

Li Mingyu did not look at her. Instead, he turned to Lin Che. “What do you think?”

Lin Che said, “This prototype was completed in a month, so there is definitely still room for improvement. We already found some problems that we will continue to fix, but this is the prototype anyway. You can see its other aspects.”

Li Mingyu nodded. “As long as it’s your choice. I’ll leave it up to you.”

Lin Che was a little shy. “No, you need to give some input too.”

“No need. I trust your judgment.”

“Really? You’re trusting me so much. You’re making me embarrassed.”

“There’s no need to feel embarrassed. Do whatever you please. I think it’s all good.”

Chen Lanshan was speechless.

It was two billion yuan and he was going to let Lin Che play around with the money?

Did he not want to bed her?

Lin Che chuckled and said, “That’s great. Don’t blame me if you lose money.”

“Not at all. I believe you won’t make me lose money. I still have that much trust in you, at least. When have you ever made a loss? I definitely believe in your judgment, your ability, and especially that luck of yours.”

“Get lost!”


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