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Season 12

Episode 74

(Working With Such A Big Company)

Gu Jingze replied, “He was probably just checking out what’s fun at Black Eagle’s.”

“Please, there is nothing fun at Black Eagle’s.”

“Of course, there is.”

“Like what?”

“Some equipment that can’t be bought in the country.”

“Such as?”

“Such as eavesdropping equipment, firearm equipment, and heavy machine guns”

“” Lin Che said, “No, no. Those are too dangerous. Absolutely not.”

Gu Jingze casually draped his arm over Lin Che’s shoulders. “If he wants to, you can’t stop him either. Besides, it’s also better if he understands it earlier. Otherwise, if he doesn’t know how to use them in the future, it will be more dangerous.”

You guys You guys

Give in to Niannian too much.

At Kaisheng Group.

Lin Che had scheduled to meet KG’s group here for a tour, so she arrived earlier.

Chen Lanshan was still unaware of what was going on. Hearing that Lin Che was here, she quickly went to take a look.

“Miss Lin, you’re here today because”

“Oh, Manager Chen. I’m bringing some people from the studio to take a look around here.”

“What studio?” Chen Lanshan asked with a confused face.

Lin Che said, “That small gaming studio from the last time.”

“What? You found them?” Chen Lanshan was puzzled. She had been trying to find them over the past few days, but she heard that this studio probably did not want to be found. Thus, she thought that they deliberately hid all forms of contact.

But Lin Che actually managed to find them?

Lin Che nodded and said, “Make the arrangements. They will be coming over today and we can discuss the collaboration properly.”

Chen Lanshan looked deeply at Lin Che. She was doubtful, but still quickly carried out her job.

Not long after, the guests arrived.

The few undergraduates looked at Kaisheng Group and it was indeed different from a small company.

They had worked part-time and discussed collaborating with small companies before. These companies only needed to rent a floor of an office building. But for Kaisheng Group, the entire building belonged to them.

They whistled and said, “Looks like it’s really a huge company. Heh, heh, the lady at the front desk is so gorgeous.”

“Alright, are you here to look at the front desk or other things?”

Exactly, exactly. Nobody is as pretty as Lin Che anyway.”

They talked as they entered the building.

Only KG remained silent. He only scanned across the outside and inside of the company.

Upstairs, Chen Lanshan led them.

Seeing that they seemed to be just a bunch of students, she felt that it was ridiculous.

Getting some students to create the games was Lin Che crazy?

But Lin Che did not feel that way at all. She let them sit down before saying, “I already booked this whole floor for the office. Director Li specially set it aside for me. He has prepared to invest two billion yuan in advance. If the results are good, he will invest more, but the important thing is you guys. Are you guys keen on collaborating with us?”

Two billion yuan to invest in games

Their little game only took less than 100,000 yuan.

Two billion? How big was this game going to be?

KG was not one to believe words at face value, so his expression did not change. He only looked at Lin Che and said, “We can keep the studio’s name, right?”

Lin Che nodded. “Of course. When we sign the contract, it’ll be like this. Your studio will belong to Kaisheng Group. I’m the developer and the producer is Genesis. All the copyrights belong to both of us. If either of us doesn’t consent, we can’t sell anything. The profits will be divided accordingly. As we will definitely pull in more sponsors than you guys, we will have a bigger share, but your share will already be more than enough. I believe you guys are able to calculate better than me. With regard to credibility, there must be mutual respect. I respect you guys and I hope you guys will respect me. I am a public figure, so it’s unlikely that I would cheat anyone. If we get into a lawsuit, I’d be in more trouble than you guys. Thus, we always have a reasonable agreement and make it official with the presence of a lawyer. As for everything else, you can see for yourselves.”

The group stared dumbfounded.

They did not expect such a huge offer to fall into their laps.

To come here and set up a studio, work with such a huge company, and work with a huge celebrity like Lin Che. Was it really possible?

KG asked, “You guys want to work with us just based on one little game?”

Lin Che said, “Yes. You’re only university students and you lack the resources, but you could develop such a good game. If given sufficient resources, you guys could definitely do much more. However, this is only a hypothesis. Thus, if you want to work with us, you must also show us what you got.”

Chen Lanshan heard her finally say this and quickly chimed in, “That’s right. Kaisheng Group is willing to provide the funding, but we also require the other party to have real skills. Otherwise, we will not be led by the nose if you guys do nothing. As for the end product, I hope you can give me a prototype first. If Directory Li is satisfied with it, you can continue working on it.”

KG looked at Chen Lanshan’s proud demeanor. Distrust was written all over her face.

He then scoffed coldly, finding it funny.

However, the general distrust that such traditional companies have against university students was common. He was not good at dealing with people, but it was also attributed to his pride. Hearing her say that, he stood up and replied, “Okay. We will have the prototype ready by next month.”

Chen Lanshan scoffed. “Well then, I look forward to it too.”

Lin Che turned to look at Chen Lanshan but did not say anything.

Seeing that KG’s group decided to leave, she followed them.

“KG,” she called out and walked towards him. “Manager Chen is not good with technology, but she is a veteran of public relations. Collaborations are like that. She doesn’t think highly of you also because you guys indeed lack experience, but I know that if you can produce results, she will not discredit you. But whether or not it will convince her entirely, it will have to depend on you guys.”

KG said, “What game do you want us to make? We can talk about it in detail.”

“Okay. Take this document first. If you have any questions, we can slowly talk about them over the next few days.” She already had her idea printed and kept in a file when she was at home. Of course, Gu Jingze also helped her organize it because she was completely a newbie and did not really know how to use these things. On the other hand, Gu Jingze only took half an hour to organize her scattered ideas neatly.

The group spent a few days looking through Lin Che’s ideas, talking to her over the phone and meeting in person for discussions.

KG initially thought that Lin Che was only doing it for fun. He did not expect Lin Che’s ideas to coincide with his.

Lin Che wanted to create a player-versus-player game. She wanted a game with more co-op battles and players could be matched directly into teams. Especially for the mobile game, players would be automatically matched to a team to reduce wasted time. People could play whenever they wanted to. The story mode was much more complicated, but could also be co-op. At the same time, players could also recruit other players online or play with their friends.


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