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Season 12

Episode 73

(Director Gu Changed My Life)

After Lin Che left, the group then began chatting enthusiastically.

“No way. Was that really Lin Che?”

“Am I dreaming?”

“I think you’re sick in the head more than dreaming.”

“Really. I just watched her show yesterday and I’m seeing her in person today. Is this for real? Does she even want to work with us? This is exactly what I watched. What you think about in the day, you will continue thinking about in your dreams.”

“But why does Lin Che want to work on games now?”

“Don’t celebrities dabble in extra stuff?”

“Wow, Lin Che really looks great in real life. That face, that figure, and those eyes. Furthermore, she really does have great poise in person. She sure is a fiercely sexy woman. She’s well-groomed, composed, and doesn’t come across as annoying at all. No wonder she’s so popular.”

“That’s enough.” Just then, KG spoke up. “Don’t celebrate too early.”

With his wet blanket words, everyone could only become silent.

“Hey, but I looked up that Kaisheng Group or something. Look, it’s really by Li Mingyu. This guy is an M Nation businessman and he just came to C Nation. Apparently, he’s very capable. Quick, take a look. He is super rich. It’s a giant company.”

They never expected a tiny studio like theirs to be noticed by such a huge company.

In an instant, the group continued being stunned in silence.

Finally, KG stood up first and walked forward. “We’ll know when we see their company tomorrow.”

Whether it was real or not, all would be revealed once they went there.

After Lin Che exited, she said to Qin Hao, “Assistant Qin, thank you for specially coming down to help.”

Qin Hao quickly replied, “Madam, you’re too polite. This is my duty.”

Lin Che laughed and asked, “How can that be? Furthermore, you’re so capable. Hehe. You totally don’t have to be an assistant under Gu Jingze. You would excel in anything.”

Ever since knowing that this unobtrusive Qin Hao was a hacker, she was immediately filled with admiration for him.

She no longer thought that he was simply a great boot-licker.

Qin Hao laughed and said, “Following Director Gu is already my greatest honor. Nothing else really matters.”

Lin Che looked at him and asked, “Why didn’t you think of becoming a hacker instead of following Gu Jingze?”

He said, “I was still young at that time. Because I did some hacking, I hacked into and accessed the inside of a foreign mafia’s top-secret system. I wanted to sell it and earn lots of money but was tracked down by them. They took my entire family away and said that they would kill one member a day unless I kill myself first. I was really at my wits’ end and even wanted to strap bombs to myself to perish with them.”

“But Director Gu suddenly appeared at that time. He even brought an entourage with him. He said that he saw how I hacked and thought that I was dumb. I was angry and told him that he knew nothing. Besides having some money, he was nothing. However, I never expected him to say that my skills were not bad either. He said that with my talent, I had plenty of ways to earn money. I didn’t have to steal anything. Sigh. Back then, I didn’t believe him either.”

“Later, Director Gu was the one who made that mafia branch disappear. Then, he brought his men and rescued my family. It was at that moment when I realized being a hacker meant nothing. I was indeed dumb because I thought that I was already the world’s smartest person. Actually, there is always someone who is better than us. The ability to hack was just a skill. The ones who can really change the world are those who can channel their abilities into creating legitimate change just like Director Gu.”

Qin Hao sighed and nodded while looking at Lin Che.

“Really That doesn’t sound like a big deal.”

“Haha. At that time, Director Gu was only eight years old.”


What? Shouldn’t he have mentioned his age earlier?

Lin Che imagined an eight-year-old Gu Jingze bringing an entourage to find Qin Hao

Qin Hao said, “After that, I joined the Gu Industries. However, I started from the lowest level all the way until thirteen years ago. That was when I began being Director Gu’s assistant.”

Lin Che looked at Qin Hao. “You are great too. Really.”

Qin Hao said, “Without Director Gu, I would have probably died. Now, I finally realize that reaping what you sow through sheer hard work is far more satisfying than stealing or using underhanded means. Thus, meeting Director Gu is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Lin Che looked at him and thought about herself.

Yes, meeting Gu Jingze was also the most fortunate thing to ever happen in her life.

At night, Lin Che and Gu Jingze promised to have a good meal outside with the kids.

It was a little troublesome to bring the kids out, but it was a joyous feeling when the family went out to eat.

Gu Jingze carried the younger one while the elder one walked beside him. The four of them had a private room and ordered food.

The younger one slept while the older one ate quietly. Lin Che smiled and said, “I went over with Qin Hao today and he kept KG and the rest in check. Oh my, Qin Hao is really a capable person.”

“Is that so?”

“You have such a good hacker beside you and you’re not making good use of him. Why did you make him an assistant instead?”

“I only hired him because I liked his logical thinking.”


Gu Jingze looked at her and said, “To be able to code well, remember all kinds of sequences, thinking while simultaneously writing code at the same time, and quickly infiltrating many systems show that he is very logical, has a good memory, and coordination. That was why I thought he was a talented person and could be put to good use.”


Lin Che wanted to call him out on his bull****, but when she thought about how he was only eight years old when he wanted to hire Qin Hao, she did not dare to say that.

She pouted and said, “But I still think it’s a pity.”

“Furthermore, this kind of person picks things up fast. Isn’t he also doing fine now? He can use these skills whenever he wants to. There are enough coders in the company already, but there are not enough coordinators for these coders. For him to excel in everything he does shows that I didn’t pick the wrong person. That is the exact position he should be in. Do you understand?”

Lin Che rolled her eyes and said, “Fine.”

Gu Jingze said, “And he can also teach Niannian.”

Gu Shinian immediately lifted his head. “Okay.”

Lin Che looked at him. “You’re still young. Why do you want to learn that? Concentrate on going to kindergarten.”

Gu Shinian said, “I am. It won’t disrupt school.”

Gu Jingze said, “Yes. Don’t go to your uncle’s so often and you’ll have the time to learn to code.”

“” Lin Che exclaimed, “What? You’re still going to Black Eagle’s”

Gu Shinian said, “Alright, I still have homework to do. Dad, quickly finish eating.”


Lin Che glared at Gu Shinian. He was already gobbling down his food without looking up.

Gu Jingze smiled and shook his head. When they were outside, Lin Che then pulled Gu Jingze aside and asked, “Why did he go look for Black Eagle?”

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