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Season 12

Episode 72

(Now That is Our Boss)

Lin Che said to Dong Zi, “When you have the time, go find out what’s going on with Su Wan.”

Dong Zi replied, “Yes, Miss.”

Yu Minmin heard this and asked, “Why? Are you interested in her?”

“I want to know if she’s lying to me or not. If she is, I won’t let her off.”

“But she looks rather pitiful.”

“Yes.” Lin Che sighed. “I feel that what she said made sense. I was definitely like this back then. I would go to every tryout, but I never held any hopes. When I got selected, I was especially happy. It felt like a gift from heaven fell into my lap.”

Yu Minmin laughed and asked, “Is that so? Were you that sad back then? I could never tell.”

“You only had eyes on those rich celebrities. Of course, you never took notice of me.”

“That’s because you didn’t have money. I have a family to feed, you know.”

The two of them talked about the past and laughed at each other for a long time. It felt as if it happened in another generation. It was so close yet so far away.

“Alright, I still have something to do. I have to go to the appointment first.”

“Oh. Are you going to meet those hackers?”


“Go ahead.”

A few young people already arrived at the caf.

Qin Hao was also already waiting outside.

He kept looking in from the outside. They looked grave and solemn. They looked around and discussed what to do later.

KG was actually not here yet. With KG not around, they were not very confident.

But at this moment, they saw a man in a suit and leather shoes. He looked like a very successful person with high status. He stood in front of them, smiled, and asked, “Which one of you is KG?”

They immediately stood up.

So, it was this man?

“You are the one who blocked our server?” Crooked Neck asked.

Qin Hao smiled. “The one who wants to meet you is not me.”


Just then, Lin Che appeared from behind.

“Hello everyone. It was really tough tracking you down.”

Looking at Lin Che walk towards them, they also smiled.

They were all stunned.

This This

Wasn’t this Lin Che?

She looked very much like Lin Che, but they were worried that she was not Lin Che.

Could there be someone who looked exactly like her?

Lin Che smiled and asked, “Are you all from the studio? You guys look really young. You must not be very old. Is the studio an amateur studio?”

Lin Che asked them immediately, but they were still too shocked to respond.

After a split second, Crooked Neck suddenly coughed and looked at her. He asked, “You You are You’re Lin Che, right?”

Lin Che beamed. “Yes.”

The group was more stunned. They looked at each other and did not know what to say.

Lin Che said, “I am indeed Lin Che, but now, I am someone who wants to work with you guys.”

Crooked Neck quickly stepped forward and shook hands with Lin Che. “Oh my, Lin Che, Lin Che, I love you. I used to have a desktop wallpaper of you.”

“” Lin Che looked at his warm gesture and laughed dryly.

Someone behind quickly pulled Crooked Neck back. “Hey, where is the coolness we talked about? Just because you see a star, you immediately go up to her?”

But they were all a bunch of university students and have not met many people, much less a top-notch celebrity.

“But this is Lin Che”

Just then, from behind

“We are not interested.” KG finally arrived.

He stood behind, looked in Lin Che’s direction and said, “We only work independently in our own studio. We don’t wish to work with anyone else.”

Lin Che looked at him in surprise. Seeing how the others reacted to him, she immediately deduced that he was KG.

She walked towards him. “KG, even if you don’t think for yourself, you should think for others. There’s no doubt that you’re a talented hacker. You probably don’t need to work with anyone. And you could still have a profitable life, but it wasn’t easy for them to step into this industry and go through winds of hell for you. Suffering like this Is it really a good thing?”

KG’s eyebrow twitched. “Money is not the most important to us.”

Lin Che said, “Indeed, but they clearly have their own ambitions. They can do more. They can do better things. But because you don’t want to, they have to give up. Is that acceptable?”

KG looked at her. “You know nothing.”

Lin Che laughed. “I don’t, but I also had a tough upbringing. I know that nobody wants an ordinary life. It’s the same for them. As for you, you rejected me without even hearing what I have to say. You were so ready to give up. Do you know that your’ once bitten twice shy’ attitude will only make you lose out on countless opportunities?”

KG’s face hardened more as he stared at Lin Che. After a long time, he finally sat down.

“Fine. Tell me. What would you like to work on with me?”

Lin Che smiled and sat down. “It’s like this. We plan to develop a game. The investor is a businessman from M Nation. We will continue working with them in a collaboration. The name of the game can be decided by the studio, but it has to be under Li Mingyu’s company’s brand. They have now registered it in C Nation under the name of Kaisheng, so the game we are making also has to be under the Kaisheng Group brand. For a start, I think that the game can be made into two types: mobile and platform. Of course, this still requires further discussion. Mobile games are very popular now, but it also has to be quick-paced. I believe your style is very suitable. However, platform games are a little more troublesome. I’m not sure if you guys are experienced in this area, but no matter what, I am very optimistic about your studio. I think that you guys have great creativity and that is why I want to team up with you.”

Team up?

Team up to make a game?

Although it was only a short pitch, everyone was already stunned.

She did not want to buy their game nor their copyrights. Instead, she wanted them to develop games?


Lin Che said, “I hope you guys can consider it. Whether it will work or not, we’ll test things out. To be honest, you guys are also not afraid of failure. Don’t tell me you’re scared that I’d take advantage of you? There is nothing worth for me to rob from you guys.”

Once again, they were stunned by Lin Che’s words.

If other people said that, they would be offended. But Lin Che indeed had everything. A huge celebrity would earn quite a lot. Her reputation was on the line and she also had a company. As for them, they were still undergraduates.

KG narrowed his eyes at Lin Che. She cocked her head to the side, fearlessly waiting for a response.

After a while, KG finally said, “Alright. I’ll consider it.”

“Okay. This is our company’s address. You can drop by any time.”


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