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Season 12

Episode 71

(Lin Che Helped to Solve the Problem)

“That’s right. These techniques used to be very trendy. They can completely block off the other’s server.”

“Alright, then. About tomorrow”

“You guys go ahead first. I’ll go over later.”


Lin Che confirmed the timing. Knowing that she could finally see her desired office contact details, she felt satisfied. She prepared to head to the company to take a look.

At the company.

The endorsing YT company was going to hold a signing ceremony for her. Holding a signing ceremony in front of the media could officiate the start of the contract. It was also considered a way of respecting her.

The endorsement press conference was going to be simple with only a few media groups invited.

Because last time, when news of the endorsement came out, the media groups quickly rushed over. They wanted to ask her what exactly that was about.

After the simple signing ceremony, Lin Che was interviewed by the media.

A reporter asked, “I heard that a person by the name of Su Wan almost signed the endorsement contract, but was later switched out to someone else. Do you know about this rumor?”

Lin Che smiled and said, “I only knew about it when I saw the news online, but I really have no idea. The company did the negotiations while I happily accepted it because I truly am fond of this brand. I only heard about this later on. If everyone has any questions, it’s better to ask the company directly.”

At this time, TY also sent a representative to speak up.

“The endorsement was decided after careful research and discussion by the company. We felt that Lin Che was more suited, so we had a meeting and chose Lin Che. However, some people might have mistaken things and thought that just a conversation would mean a confirmed collaboration. We’ve actually talked to many celebrities and ultimately decided on Lin Che.”

Did they mean that the small-time artist misunderstood things?

That was quite a slap to the face.

Lin Che did not care about these. She left after the signing ceremony.

However, when she stepped outside, she heard some voices nearby.

It was a woman begging.

The voice was weak and sounded strange.

“I’m begging you. My career has only just begun. I really don’t want it to end like this.”

“Will you step aside?” Another person said harshly.

“No, I’m not leaving. I haven’t graduated and already received a warning like this. Nobody is going to want me in the future. I can’t give up. Please, can you give me a chance? I posted those words on Weibo only because I was set up. Someone is trying to frame me and that is why they blew those words out of proportion. That wasn’t me at all. Someone also did something behind my back. It really has nothing to do with me.”

Just then, Lin Che’s employee called for her, “Sister Che, your car has arrived. Over here.”

Lin Che raised her hand to motion the person to stop talking.

She walked closer towards the people talking.

“I already told you. There is no use explaining to me. You have ruined our company’s image and I don’t care who is trying to frame you. Whoever it is, you deal with it yourself.”

“But I really”

“That’s enough. Move aside. It’s busy here and I have no time to waste on you.”

The person who looked like a TY employee raised his hand and signaled for his people to chase her away.

Just then


Lin Che walked over.

Looking like a TY district manager, he looked at Lin Che and then calmed down. He said, “Oh, Miss Lin. This is the one who claimed you stole her endorsement. Don’t worry, we’re also very angry that this has affected you. Thus, we’re planning to send a lawyer’s letter now and sue her for defamation.”

Su Wan suddenly looked at Lin Che and said, “Lin Che, I know that this situation is messed up but I really didn’t do this. Please believe me. I absolutely did not send that post. I had indeed met up with TY’s director back then, but I never had hope that I could be the ambassador. How could I type that kind of Weibo post?”

Lin Che looked at the girl. She looked young. Her hair was long and she was fair. She did not look like the kind that people would hate.

She said, “Okay. Director Wu, you may leave first. I’d like to clarify some things about this matter. Is that alright with you?”

“Oh, of course. Miss Lin is involved in this too. It’s only right that you clarify things.”

The district manager respected Lin Che very much and graciously left the matter to Lin Che.

Lin Che said, “Alright. It’s just the two of us here now. Tell me, what exactly is going on?”

Su Wan did not expect Lin Che to suddenly be here and become willing to listen to her. She looked at the people behind Lin Che. Lin Che brought plenty of bodyguards and employees. Su Wan wondered if anything would happen to her if she said something wrong. However, she looked at Lin Che and thought that she did not seem like that kind of person.

Her reputation in the circle had always been very good. Nobody really talked bad about her.

Su Wan gritted her teeth. There was no turning back now and since it had already came down to this, she might as well say it.

“Because I offended some other artists in the company, so they posted this on purpose. They wanted to instigate a war between me and you. They knew that you could probably crush me with one hand and that is why they did this on purpose.”

Lin Che asked, “How did you offend them?”

“That time at the reception, I revealed her past affair with some other guy and made her sugar daddy unhappy”

Lin Che smiled and asked, “How should I believe you?

Do you have proof?”

“Yes, I do. Do you see the address from which the Weibo post was sent out? It is a proxy. If I posted it myself, why would I need to use a proxy IP address? My Weibo account had been hacked.”

Lin Che looked at it and handed it to Dong Zi.

Dong Zi took a look and said, “Yes, Miss. This is a proxy IP solely used by hackers.”

Lin Che nodded understandingly and looked at her. “Alright, we’ll let this matter rest. I won’t look into it anymore. What is your name?”

As if hearing a holy phrase, Su Wan looked at Lin Che in surprise and asked, “You’re not looking into it anymore?”

“Yeah. What is your name?”

“I’m Su Wan.”

“Okay, Su Wan. You have to keep a low profile if you want to stay in this circle. Don’t go around offending people anymore. All the best.”

She waved and walked with the rest.

She did not say anything more to Su Wan.

Anyway, one had to slowly learn the ropes of this path on one’s own.

Su Wan gazed at Lin Che. She did not expect Lin Che to help her.

In that instant, she felt emotional and grateful. She was thankful that she met a gracious celebrity like Lin Che. If it were some other celebrity, she might not have an easy road in the future.

Back then, Su Wan never thought that she could possibly clinch the endorsement deal. Looking at Lin Che now, she felt even more so. Why would anyone choose her over Lin Che? Lin Che’s skin was flawless and natural. She was so pretty.

She was very suited for this endorsement.


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