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Season 12

Episode 68

(They Kissed Just Because Of This)

Black Hawk brought Mu Feiran out of the room.

The police officers put down their guns one after another.

“What? He just admitted that he killed someone do you not care?” one of them asked.

Someone from the embassy said, “He has killed countless people. We can’t interfere. He’s Black Hawk.”

The police officers were stunned at the mention of the name.

Many people had indeed died at the hands of Black Hawk.

But putting aside the fact that they could not interfere, M Nation could not interfere with such national affairs either.

No wonder this man did not even flinch when he saw so many guns aimed at him earlier.

These guns were nothing to him.

When they arrived outside, Mu Feiran was still shivering in fear.

Black Hawk looked at her. “Come on. I’ll take you somewhere to shower first.”

“No” Mu Feiran yanked Black Hawk towards her. She looked at him with her eyes darting about uneasily.

Black Hawk’s brow furrowed severely. He said gravely, “I guarantee that his family members will have nothing to worry about. They will receive commensurate compensation. It will even be much higher than the compensation normally given. As for the other guys who were with him, each and every one of them will come to no good end either. As for you, stop thinking about it.”

Mu Feiran bit her lip. “I just”

Black Hawk asked, “Just what?”

“I just feel that you didn’t have to tell me so much.” She gazed into his deep eyes and could not believe that he had talked about himself like that earlier.

He squinted his eyes. There was a slightly misty air about his face as if the years had been harsh to him. The events of the past had completely turned into marks etched onto his face and heart. Since they were dead, they would not affect his emotions at all.

How many showers of fresh blood had he experienced for his heart to get so hard?

For a moment, she felt that he was actually having a very tough time.

It was very difficult to be the Black Hawk whom everyone feared.

He gazed at her. “But I wanted to tell you.”

Mu Feiran’s heart jolted. His thin lips trembled as he looked into her eyes. “Are you afraid?”

Afraid? Not afraid?

She had none of these emotions. She merely felt a little touched that he had said those words earlier to lessen the guilt she felt.

She shook her head. “I’m not afraid.”

He smiled. “It’s alright, even if you are. Any normal person would be afraid.”

But she really wasn’t afraid.

He was already willing to do so much for her. How could she be afraid?

Upon seeing that Black Hawk was about to turn around, she grabbed his arm in one swift motion.

She was still trembling when she pulled his sleeve. But this time, it wasn’t because she was scared.

But because

She quietly lifted her eyes to look at him. She looked into the depths of his eyes with her rippling gaze. “I I”

She had never been good at expressing herself. She was always passive. Even when she was with Mo Ding, she had passively been confessed to. She had never said she liked him or that she loved him because she tended to get shy easily.

But the man in front of her had lifted the restraints on her heart countless times, to the point where she seemed to be head over heels in love.

She had never thought that a man like this could exist on earth. She could not stop her heart from pounding. It was as if she had gone back in time to her younger days.

She bit her lip. She knew that a significant number of people would feel this way. Countless women wanted to chain him down too.

She could be but one insignificant person among them. But she nevertheless wanted to express her feelings right now.

Biting her lip, she moved forward and pressed her lips directly on his.

So forward

Black Hawk did not move at first.

For a moment, she felt so bashful that she wanted to burrow into the ground and remain there.

She was just about to move her lips away when she felt

At last, he swiftly put his arms around her shoulders and transformed passivity into action. He then returned her kiss with vigor.

Ah he was so dominant.

Mu Feiran felt that she was nearly unable to breathe.

When Gu Jingze rushed over with Lin Che

Gu Jingze caught sight of them immediately from a distance.

He stopped Lin Che with one arm and said, “We don’t have to go over now.”

Lin Che froze. “What happened?”

She raised her head to take a look only to notice the two people hugging in front of her.

No way

Didn’t they say that something had happened? Why?

Was this what had happened?

Just then, Gu Jingze said from beside her, “It looks like the problem has been resolved.”

Alright then. She was no longer needed.

It made sense too. It was only logical that Black Hawk had a lot of experience dealing with such matters. But they had kissed just because of this

Lin Che asked, “So, are they together now?”

Gu Jingze said, “It seems like you don’t need to feel anxious on Black Hawk’s behalf either. He’s quite good at making steady progress.”

Lin Che sighed. “I guess”

She looked at Gu Jingze. “Little guy, your eyes are quite useful.”

Gu Jingze said, “Of course, they’re more useful than yours. Silly girl. You can’t see anything.”

Indeed, she could not see anything at all. When she was by his side, she consciously blocked all her senses.

She could not be bothered to use her eyes since he would see it anyway.

She was truly going to be spoilt rotten by him. She felt that she did not have to do anything when she was beside him and that someone would help her do everything.

When Mu Feiran returned with Black Hawk, Black Hawk said directly, “Stay here tonight.”


At this moment, Lin Che came out from behind them. “What the hell? You’re so direct. I don’t think you should. You guys just kissed and you’re already thinking of moving to the next stage?”

“” Mu Feiran was shocked once again.

What did she mean by the next stage what did she mean by them having just kissed? Could it be that she had seen everything that had happened earlier?

Black Hawk’s face darkened immediately. “She just got into trouble today. I’m afraid that something will happen to her tonight, so I want to look after her closely.”

He looked at Lin Che disdainfully. Seriously, did she think that everyone was as dirty-minded as she was?

Lin Che understood this clearly, but she nevertheless teased him and said, “Yes, yes. That’s right. It’s better to be a bit closer. It would be best if you watched her sleep. She’s very timid.”

Mu Feiran quickly glared at her. She secretly pinched her on the waist from behind.

Lin Che let out a cry and frantically dodged her.

Seeing that Mu Feiran was in a much better condition, she smiled and said, “It looks like Black Hawk is the one who knows what to do. You seem much better now.”

Mu Feiran’s face turned red.

Lin Che said to Mu Feiran, “Alright. Don’t think too much. Let’s look forward. You still have Yunyun. You won’t think about anything after looking at Yunyun, right?”

Yes. She still had Yunyun

She had no choice but to be strong.

She said, “You don’t have to worry about me. I will start adjusting my mindset.”

Lin Che said, “I can understand how you feel. But think about it. If you didn’t do it what would have happened to you? Would you have wanted to be in such an event? Or would you rather kill him?”

Mu Feiran thought about him defiling her

No. She would not want something like that to happen even if she died.

She shook her head vigorously and said to Lin Che, “I know.”

Lin Che said, “I’ve killed someone before too. I know that you have to adjust yourself. But sometimes, we do it because we have no choice”

She hugged Mu Feiran. Mu Feiran leaned into her embrace. “We had no choice. I know.”

Lin Che said, “It’s all because we’re in this position. Where we are, we have to sacrifice a lot. But even so, I still want to be with Gu Jingze and live a peaceful life with the people around me. If I had to choose one person, I would choose the person by my side. So I can only accept the consequences that this choice brings.”


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