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Season 12

Episode 67

(Im The Actual Devil)

“That’s right. When the time comes, we’ll just blow up the matter and see what she’ll do about it.”

Meanwhile, the people from the embassy were still on their way.

Mu Feiran sat there blankly without saying a word.

The earlier scene seemed to be replaying in her mind.

She had killed someone

At this moment, outside

Someone had barged into the police station out of the blue.

“Eh. Who’s there?”

“Who came in? Who are you? This is the police station. You can’t casually come in. Hey, that place is even more off-limits.”

The moment he heard that something had happened to Mu Feiran, Black Hawk instructed his men to look after Yunyun. He himself quickly rushed over first.

Mu Feiran had been avoiding him the entire afternoon. Later, he took Yunyun somewhere else to play. Mu Feiran said that she was going to walk around and look at the scenery. He did not know where she had gone afterward.

No one could have expected his men to come over shortly after and inform him that something had happened to Mu Feiran. She was at the police station.

Black Hawk looked at the person who had approached him. He glared at him like a cheetah in the dark night. His sharp gaze made the person tremble in fear.

He dealt him a kick. “Damn you.” After letting out a curse, he ran inside directly.

“Good lord, someone barged into the police station. Get your guns out. Attack.”

They held their guns and rushed in together.

However, Black Hawk ignored all of them. He kicked the door open and headed straight into the interrogation room.

He immediately saw Mu Feiran sitting on the chair despondently.

He walked towards her and first pulled her into his embrace swiftly.

He stood there and placed her head against his own body. Then, he lowered his head and looked at her.

“Everything is alright. Everything is alright. Don’t worry. I’m here.”

Mu Feiran raised her head blankly.

She looked at Black Hawk and froze. “I I killed someone”

After saying this, she could no longer control herself and immediately broke into tears.

Black Hawk frowned. He enveloped her in his arms and let her cry as much as she wanted to.

She did not even care that her tears had dampened his clothes. She only wanted to lean against him and cry her heart out.

Just then, the police officers had already raised their guns collectively and pointed them at the two people locked in an embrace.

Until Mu Feiran was done crying and looked up only to see this scene.

Behind them, a few people surrounded them with their guns raised. The gun barrels were aimed directly at the two of them.

Her face turned pale from fear. She looked at Black Hawk. “What, what”

Black Hawk turned his head and glanced at them. He continued to hug her head and pressed her closer to his body. He was standing while she was sitting. Her head happened to be leaning on his abdomen.

His abdomen was not soft. It was covered completely in his sturdy abdominal muscles. Each muscle was clearly defined.

She felt at ease leaning against him. But her heart nevertheless beat rapidly when she saw the numerous guns.

She quickly said, “Stop what you’re doing. I killed him. Why are you pointing your guns at him?”

One of the police officers continued looking inside with his gun raised. “By barging into the police station, are you trying to help the convict escape?”

“Come over here. Otherwise, we’ll shoot.”

“You even dare to attack police officers. Put your hands down and stay down.”

With these sentences, Mu Feiran immediately understood what had happened.

She looked up at Black Hawk. “You”

Black Hawk only glanced at the people behind him out of the corners of his eyes. His gaze was cold and there was a desolate chill to it.

“Ignore them,” he said bitingly.

How could Mu Feiran actually ignore them?

“But you guys”

“It’s fine. Alright, don’t worry. Tell me exactly what happened.”

Mu Feiran had killed someone?

That was impossible.

Unless there was another reason.

Thus, Mu Feiran stammered as she recounted what had happened. She brought up how they had tried to take liberties with her. There was also fear on her expression. When she recalled that person’s dead body, the expression on her face worsened.

Upon hearing this, Black Hawk’s eyes narrowed wickedly. The color of danger spread to the tip of his brow. He asked, “Did they make a pass at you?”

Mu Feiran said, “They’re just ordinary tourists. But I killed someone”

“No, they’re ordinary people with bad intentions. You didn’t kill anyone, Feiran. Since he dared to treat you this way, he deserved to die.”

“No, no, no. I shouldn’t have killed him” Mu Feiran covered her face in agony.

Black Hawk pulled her hands towards him quickly. With his tall height, he crouched down. He was face-to-face with her and looked at her. “If what you did is considered killing someone, then what would you consider me?”

Mu Feiran looked at him.

His gaze was so pure. For a moment, she felt as if she nearly forgot to breathe.

Black Hawk said, “Silly girl. You didn’t kill anyone. It was an accident. The fresh blood that stained my hands is much greater than the blood on your hands. Even if heaven wants to punish anyone, someone like me would be the first to be punished anyway. Not you.”

“No you won’t be punished” There was a sudden pain in Mu Feiran’s heart.

He had even said this about himself in order to console her.

Black Hawk sneered with a strong overtone of self-mockery. “I know what kind of person I am. I never thought that I would meet a good end. But not you. You’re a good person. Feiran, nothing will happen to you. What you did wasn’t evil. You didn’t do it on purpose. Heaven will not blame you. He has so many heinous people to punish. It will never be your turn. As for me, I did it on purpose. Each time I killed someone, I killed them directly. Sometimes, I would not only kill them. I would even torture them until they had cuts and bruises all over. I’m the one who will go to hell. But you will not. You think that what you did is already very evil, but it’s not. You still haven’t seen a world with such evil.”

Mu Feiran looked at him with wide eyes.

Meanwhile, all the police officers behind them a little flabbergasted.

What was this person saying

They had heard every word of it.

Was this person confessing directly that he had killed someone?

And he had killed many people?

They had never seen this person on a wanted list or something.

However, someone who had the guts to go to a police station and say that he had killed someone was either a lunatic or an actual dangerous criminal.

It definitely did not seem that he was here to turn himself over. He could be joking around here deliberately to comfort her.

But he had gone slightly overboard with this joke.

They were still watching him when someone outside said that the embassy staff was here.

They were still holding their guns up, not daring to move. The embassy staff came in only to see

“Mr Mr. Mo”

They hastily walked towards him.

Because they had heard that it was someone famous, the embassy treated this matter more seriously too. They were worried that this would turn into a huge headline, so the people who had come were officials in pretty high positions.

When they saw Black Hawk, all of them knew who he was.

After all, back then, Black Hawk had been the most wanted criminal in C Nation.

This meant that he was absolutely prohibited from entering C Nation. Every border imposed restrictions on him. They had to chase him away upon seeing him. He was not allowed to enter.

Later on, he could enter only because of a decree from the president, allowing him to enter.

The customs authorities, the immigration bureau, and the embassy all had photos of a major wanted criminal like him.

Black Hawk turned around and said, “Enough. Handle this. I’ll let you deal with the people outside as well.”

As Black Hawk was here, the embassy staff didn’t dare to say a word. They could only reply, “Sure yes, Mr. Mo, don’t worry. We will get to the bottom of things and we will definitely account for you.”

“In that case, I’ll take her with me first.”

“Yes, yes, yes”


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