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Season 12

Episode 66

(I Didnt Kill Anyone, I Didnt Kill Anyone)

Mu Feiran sat there. A few men who were wearing swimming shorts and nothing on top approached her directly. They surrounded Mu Feiran and looked at her.

“Eh. I think it really is Mu Feiran. Hey, I can’t believe we actually met a celebrity here.”

Mu Feiran stood up. She felt slightly uncomfortable looking at these half-naked men. Thus, she smiled and tried to leave.

The men immediately caught up with her. “Mu Feiran, don’t run away. Why? Can’t we take a photo together now that we’ve met you?”

Mu Feiran smiled. She looked at the men and said, “I’m not in a position to do that. Let’s take a photo when we meet the next time.”

What her words meant was very clear. When she looked them up and down and said these words, she meant that they could take a proper photo when they were dressed.

Seeing this, they chuckled and said, “It’s fine. It’s just a photo.”

“Exactly. Don’t you celebrities often expose your skin for no reason?”

“Yes. You even go naked in front of the photographers. Do you still care about other people when they are naked?”

“Why don’t you go naked for a change too?”

Mu Feiran’s face darkened. She was slightly upset.

She looked at the grown men. She knew that nothing good could come out of interacting with them. Thus, she wanted to just keep a low profile, smile, and walk away.

Perhaps they would feel embarrassed if they were alone and simply walk away. However, since they were in such a large group, they gave each other courage. All of them were instantly bold enough to start teasing her.

As if anyone who got cold feet now was a coward and should feel ashamed.

“Hey, don’t run away. Let’s take a photo. If not, shaking hands is fine too.”

“Precisely. Look at us. Every one of us is strong and sturdy. Aren’t you going to give us a try?”


They continued to mess around as if they were having a lot of fun.

However, Mu Feiran was not at all amused upon being teased. She simply felt that they were very disrespectful. They teased other people and treated them as toys and the butt of their jokes.

But they were not aware of the situation and continued to walk ahead and chase after her.

At the end of her patience, Mu Feiran said, “You guys are too much. Sorry, I’m not interested. Move aside. I’m leaving now.” While saying this, Mu Feiran pushed one of them aside and ran out.

“Oh no, she ran away. Let’s go after her.”

“Help me catch her. I’ll give you guys huge red packets if you manage to catch her.”

They immediately laughed and messed around even more. They seemed to treat it as a joke and ran after her.

Mu Feiran had not gotten far when they caught up with her.

They grabbed her arm and suddenly pulled her down to the ground.

After dragging her to the bottom of the stairs, they looked at that man. “We caught her. Go ahead.”

“Oh no, you don’t dare to do it, right?”

“Go. I’ll give you a huge red packet if you do it.”

Seeing that so many people were instigating him, he would feel embarrassed if he shrank back. He felt that shrinking back would be akin to admitting defeat.

He looked at her before looking around him. He gave himself a pep talk, telling himself, If I die, I die. If I die under a skirt, I can still flirt as a ghost.

Thereafter, he shouted, “Damn it, I’ll just do it.” Then, he pushed up his sleeves and immediately pounced on her.

The men around him seemed to think that this was not illegal at all. They even cheered him on as he did this.

Sensing the situation, Mu Feiran felt slight despair for a moment. She looked around her and frantically pushed away the man who had pounced on her. But with her frame, she would not be able to win against a man no matter what.

As a result, she momentarily felt that she could not flip her body over because of the heavy man pressing down on her.

In her moment of emergency, she got anxious and turned around to grab something. Then, she smashed it on the man’s head

“Ah” The back of the man’s head was hit directly by the rock.

The man’s face contorted briefly. He immediately shouted and stood up.

He turned around and reached out to touch his head

“Blood! Blood!” After shouting, he collapsed onto the ground with a thud.

The men were instantly stunned.

They were in a daze for a long time before someone gathered the courage to reach out and check if he was breathing.

“Ah he’s not breathing. He’s dead dead”

“Murder, murder.”

They immediately started yelling while Mu Feiran looked down at the man before looking at the blood-stained rock in her hand.

There were even remnants on the stone. It was obvious that the wound she had caused was indeed very deep.

The rock in her hand fell to the ground and her heart was instantly shrouded in darkness.

Murder? She had killed someone?

She crawled up and backed away.

Seeing this, the men thought that Mu Feiran was about to escape and immediately shouted menacingly, “Forget about running away.”

“Quick! Seize her! She’s the one who killed him.”

They approached her together, disregarding Mu Feiran’s cries of, “It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!” However, they still dragged her out to the police station.

Meanwhile, Mu Feiran’s mind was completely blank now. She was at a total loss as to what was happening to her.

Her face was filled with fear all the way to the police station. There was no other emotion on her face.

When the police asked her questions, she totally did not know what she should say either. She merely sat there, deathly pale, and shook her head.

Had she killed someone?

Had she really killed someone?

In all her years of existence, it was the first time she had encountered such a terrifying thing.

The police officer looked at Mu Feiran. Since she was from another country, it was not appropriate for him to question her further. He could only wait for the staff from C Nation’s embassy to come over. Their island was part of M Nation. It was a small nation after all and was not as powerful as C Nation. Thus, they were immensely fearful of C Nation and did not dare to be too harsh on their citizens, lest C Nation come looking for trouble.

Sometimes, you could actually tell if a country was powerful or not from seeing whether its citizens were respected by other countries outside.

The police officer said, “You’re not telling us exactly what happened and how you killed him.”

Mu Feiran proceeded to shake her head. “It’s not me. I didn’t kill anyone”

“But the forensic investigator already went there. The person is indeed dead.”

Mu Feiran trembled all over. “No I didn’t kill anyone”

Outside, the police officers were also questioning the other people.

Of course, they insisted that Mu Feiran had done the deed.

They definitely would not say that they had instigated the man to go and take liberties with Mu Feiran. He was about to rape her; that was why she retaliated in defense and killed him by accident.

None of them felt guilty at all. They did not think that this had anything to do with them.

Perhaps they knew it in their hearts. However, although they had not conspired beforehand, from their speech all of them had completely forgotten about the “rape” incident.

It was as if they had been passing by when Mu Feiran went mad and immediately wanted to kill someone.

“Quick, settle this for us.”

“My point exactly. He died. All of us saw it. Aren’t you going to put her in prison?”

They discussed amongst themselves.

The police officer said, “All of you are C Nation citizens. I have to wait for embassy staff to come before I can deal with this.”

Thus, they discussed what they should do.

“When the embassy staff come and see that she’s a celebrity, they won’t let her disclaim responsibility, right?”

“Of course not. We came here together. How will we tell his family once we’re back?”

“Mu Feiran is the one who needs to apologize, if at all. She’s no doubt the person who killed him. What has it got to do with us? This was an accident. She won’t deny it either. We were all watching. There were so many witnesses present, and she’s a celebrity. If we blow the matter up, she’s done for too.”


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