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Season 12

Episode 65

(Do You Still Love Me Even Though There Are So Many Other Young Beauties)

The nurse’s eyes shone as she looked at Gu Jingze. She kept looking in his direction.

Her youthful gaze was filled with admiration.

Lin Che thought to herself in disbelief, Well then. Here was another girl who was smitten with Gu Jingze.

After carrying the baby properly, the two of them left.

Outside, Mu Feiran remained silent all the way. Lin Che was behind, together with Gu Jingze. She looked up from time to time at Gu Jingze who was carrying the baby. For a moment, her heart felt extremely warm.

Lin Che picked up her cellphone. Turning it to him, she immediately took a photo.

With a click, the camera captured his expression when he turned to look at her.

The baby in his arms was adorable as always. The photo was truly beautiful.

Gu Jingze frowned. “Why did you take a photo?”

Lin Che said, “It was just a photo. Nothing will happen anyway.”

Gu Jingze quickly snatched her phone to take a look.

When he saw the photo, he scowled and said, “Delete it, delete it.”

He was not used to taking photos. He thought that he looked weird.

“No way, no way. I want to keep it” Of course, Lin Che was indignant.

Gu Jingze said, “Don’t keep it.”

“Hey, you can’t be like this. I I’m keeping it because I want to make it my phone background. That way, I’ll be able to look at you every day.”

Sure enough, Gu Jingze stopped in his tracks, looked at her, and asked, “Is that so?”

Lin Che nodded vigorously. She hurriedly took her phone back and started to change the settings.

After changing the settings, the photo of him immediately turned into her phone background.

He looked at it in appreciation before nodding and saying, “Not bad.”

He allowed her to keep the photo with just that

How haughty.

Lin Che could not help but purse her lips in a smile while looking at him from behind.

But when she looked down at her phone screen, it was indeed a very suitable photo. Facing the sunlight, it seemed that his appearance had become even more enhanced. He truly looked handsome.

It was like a fresh and clean cover page photo.

They handed the child to the maids during his afternoon nap time.

When Lin Che walked into the room, she immediately saw Gu Jingze standing in front of the window and looking outside. He was not wearing anything on top. He looked just like a sculpture, so beautiful that every contour had an air of exquisiteness and was so smooth that not a single flaw could be seen.

He was a work of art.

Lin Che was temporarily a bit lovestruck watching him. When he turned around, the corners of his lips turned up in a smile.

“Wipe your drool away,” he said.

Lin Che abruptly reached out to touch her mouth. Then, she took a step in and giggled while asking, “Why? I can look at my man as I please. I can drool as I wish.”

She grabbed his chest with her hands and started touching him without the slightest scruple.

Wow. It felt so good to the touch.

She sighed to herself with an expression of self-satisfaction. Gu Jingze could not help but pull her swiftly into his arms.

Their eyes met when he looked down. He looked at her and she gazed at him too.

Gu Jingze’s low voice had unadulterated hoarseness to it. “You’re playing with fire.”

After that, he tightened his hold around her chest forcefully.

She let out a whine. He bit her lip hard and immediately pushed her onto the bed.

He had been trying his very best to suppress his desires for a long time as he did not want to hurt her. However, how could he still care right now?

Right now, his body was already like a beast that had broken free of its cage. It only wanted to tear what was in front of him into pieces. Tear it into pieces

However, he stopped for a moment before he had broken through the last layer. He propped himself up and looked at the tender and beautiful flower beneath him, unable to stop panting.

“Does it hurt?” He was still worried.

Lin Che shook her head while blushing. Her body was already moist with a sheen of sweat.

She looked at him. “It’s not that you don’t dare to is it because you don’t want to”

He pecked her on the lips. “I don’t dare to.”

In reality, she felt an uneasy little inside. She looked at him and recalled the day she had given birth. He had personally delivered the baby. That must have felt very unfamiliar to him. But he had also seen that most terrifying scene.

She was worried that he would not like her and that he would feel uncomfortable after having witnessed it.

That he would

No longer desire her.

When he was faced with her body, wouldn’t he think about what he had seen that day?

Lin Che said a little despondently, “I heard that if a man goes into the delivery room, in the future in the future, he wouldn’t want the woman anymore.”

“Why?” He frowned in confusion.

“Probably because he finds it very scary.”

“Yes. It’s very scary, that’s why I don’t dare to do it. I’m afraid of hurting you.” He had one hand on the bed and his other hand was stroking her hair. He looked at her tenderly. For some reason, he felt that she was very fragile as if she would break with one touch.

Lin Che gazed at his face. “But won’t you feel a lack of desire for me?”

“Why?” His brow furrowed even more.

She said, “Because there are so many beautiful women and so many beautiful bodies so many fair and supple young beauties.”

He was a person of such high status. If he wanted, beautiful women like the doctors and nurses they saw today would be rushing towards him.

But she was someone who had given birth to his two children.

There were times when she did not feel confident in herself and would wonder if she had turned ugly.

Gu Jingze was even more unhappy. He pressed his finger against her mouth, looked at her, and said, “I won’t allow you to say that again.”

Lin Che looked at him.

He gazed at her body. He pressed his lips to her body and moved them downwards bit by bit.

His lips and teeth lingered on her body, leaving behind some marks. Sensing her wanton gasps, he was even more forceful. He traced her soft and supple body, leaving behind a moist trail.

“You have never been aware of how beautiful you actually are”. He sighed while lustfully sucking on her skin.

She involuntarily sighed and her body shivered.

He said, “No one is more beautiful than you.”

His voice lingered in her ears like pleasant-sounding hypnosis.

She felt more and more intoxicated.

“After seeing you, there’s no better scenery in this world.”

“You’ve never seen yourself. That’s why you don’t know”

Finally, he suddenly made the deepest region of her body moist.

She was so shocked that she let out a cry.

But he did not let go of her and continued to invade all of his senses.

Romantic words said on the bed were really captivating beyond compare.

But Gu Jingze was saying what was inside his heart. This was what he thought when he looked at her.

She was so pretty and so beautiful. She was like an abyss; there was no getting out once he had fallen in.

Whether it was the beautiful woman on the cover page or the beautiful woman on the beach, he felt that none of them could compare to Lin Che. They could not compare to Lin Che. No one could compare to Lin Che.

Because this body was truly too beautiful.

He felt that he definitely would not get sick of it even if he looked at it for the rest of his life.

The room was filled with love. Meanwhile, outside

Because Mu Feiran was blushing, she sat there looking at the waves.

Just then, a few people walked over to her. They were probably C Nation citizens because they immediately recognized Mu Feiran upon seeing her.

“That’s Mu Feiran, right?”

“Looks like her.”

“Hey, she’s here alone.”

“We’re in luck. Let’s go and take a look”

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