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Season 12

Episode 64

(Ill Dig Out The Eyes Of Anyone Who Dares To Look)

Seeing this, the people on the shore sighed briefly, saying that they were merely taking a look. He did not have to be so fierce.

Furthermore, they had not clearly seen exactly what was happening over here.

But everyone was still very curious. After all, they had heard a woman shout. But now, they could only see the lithe figure of a woman leaning on a man. Her soft skin had been soaked in seawater and appeared even more tender and supple.

As for the man’s sturdy body, it looked extremely valiant too. He held the woman in the seawater just like that. He did not look at all flustered and was calm and steady.

However, Black Hawk turned and saw that everyone was still looking over here. His gaze hardened.

A chill emanated from his initially calm eyes. It was like a fine, cold piece of metal that whizzed by icily, causing everyone’s heads to turn instinctively.

The next moment, their hearts instinctively turned cold. It was as if they had seen a deathly-still killing intent in his eyes.

This was Black Hawk after regaining his harshness. Of course, he behaved differently than he usually did towards Mu Feiran and Lin Che.

Mu Feiran had clearly realized it too.

As she looked at him now, she could not help but think that this was the Black Hawk whom everyone feared immensely.

However, he was not at all scary when he was with them.

Black Hawk only regained a bit of his original expression when he saw everyone turn their heads away. He embraced Mu Feiran and said, “Don’t worry. No one is looking.”

Mu Feiran felt very safe with him blocking her completely. She was not at all worried that something would happen either, but

She suddenly remembered something at the same time she let out a breath of relief.

She looked down only to see

The nipple covers on her chest had pretty much fallen off completely. Her entire chest was simply pressed against his naked body.

The feeling of skin against skin was still different from physical contact with clothes on.

It felt hot, with a bit of thrill. It made her feel as if she had been electrified all of a sudden and sparks even started emanating from the depths of her eyes.

Mu Feiran let out another hoarse cry while her arms immediately released their hold on his shoulders.

With a splash, she fell into the water again. This time, a few mouthfuls of seawater went straight into her stomach.

It made her choke to the point where she could not stop coughing.

Mu Feiran cried out in alarm and Black Hawk hastily pulled her out of the water in one swift motion.

This time, Mu Feiran could no longer let out any sound. She could only instinctively cling onto his neck with all her might.

Her complexion turned purple and she coughed violently as if she could not breathe.

Black Hawk’s expression turned solemn.

“Come, I’ll take you to the infirmary.”

Mu Feiran could not even nod. She could only keep coughing.

Black Hawk cast a stern gaze at the people on the shore who were still curiously looking at them.

“Someone come and chase all these people away! Don’t leave a single person here. If anyone’s eyes are open, dig them all out!”

Black Hawk commanded harshly.

At the side, his men collectively turned their heads away.

Before they noticed that anyone had their eyes open, they had all run away quickly.

When they saw that Black Hawk had so many people with him, no one dared to be impudent. All of them put their curiosity in check and frantically walked off.

Although they were curious and did not know who these people having such fun here were, their eyes were, nevertheless, more important.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze quickly realized that something had happened here.

However, Lin Che was about to go over when Gu Jingze suddenly pulled her back.

“Wait a bit.” Gu Jingze held Lin Che back and indicated to her with his eyes to let them leave first.

Only then did Lin Che notice that Black Hawk was carrying Mu Feiran bridal-style. As for Mu Feiran’s clothes they were drooping downwards.

As her back was facing them, of course, they could not see what exactly had happened to Mu Feiran.

But Lin Che had changed her clothes together with Mu Feiran earlier. Thinking back on it, she knew that Mu Feiran’s swimsuit had fallen off.

Which meant that right now, the two of them

Lin Che’s face turned red. She shouted, “Oh no, Black Hawk is really”

Gu Jingze said, “It looks like they went to the infirmary. We’ll go and visit them later.”

“Hehe. Sure.”

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze, who was carrying their child. His eyes were so astute.

As expected of Gu Jingze.

In the infirmary.

Black Hawk shouted bluntly, “All the male doctors, get out. Female doctors stay behind.”


The people in the room froze first. They saw Mu Feiran being carried in. They then looked at Black Hawk’s expression and immediately walked out in a hurry.

The female doctors left behind were trembling with fear. They looked at Black Hawk blankly.

Black Hawk put her down. When no one came over after a long time, he looked up and shouted angrily, “What are you looking at? Why aren’t you attending to her?”

At this, the doctors trembled and quickly rushed over.

“Miss, how are you doing?”

“Miss, move your hands aside and let me see”

Mu Feiran was covering her face and did not want anyone to see her at all.

Good lord, what exactly had she done?

She had merely briefly seen Mo Jinyan without his clothes. Why had she ended up at the infirmary after such a ruckus?

Was she really that thirsty? Upon seeing him take off his clothes, she instinctively blushed and her heart pounded. She could not control herself

But now that she thought about it

Her heart pounded even more thunderously.

Sensing that the doctor was even more worried, she uncovered her eyes and looked at the doctor. “I I’m fine. I just choked. My throat hurts a little.”

The doctor hastily said, “Then, let me take a look”

In the end, after checking, the doctor saw that it was true that she had merely choked.

At this, the doctor let out a breath of relief.

Black Hawk was still looking at her.

After getting dressed, she lay there with her entire body suffused with red.

He stood there and watched, instinctively thinking of what had happened earlier, when her two lumps of flesh were sticking to him.

He lost focus for a moment before he saw Gu Jingze and Lin Che come in.

“What’s going on?”

Gu Jingze was still carrying their child. Even with the baby sling hanging on his body, he still looked handsome as always.

At the side, the female doctor who had been left behind was instantly drawn to this scene.

The nurse around them reacted in the same manner. She looked at him, tenderly with a lovestruck expression on her face.

Mu Feiran was too embarrassed to say any more. She looked up and said, “I’m fine now I just choked on some water.”

Lin Che’s eyes darted between the two of them. Mu Feiran felt even more embarrassed when she saw her suggestive expression.

So scary

“Well alright. Let’s leave quickly,” Mu Feiran shouted and frantically jumped off.

Just then, the baby in Gu Jingze’s arms suddenly started to cry.

Lin Che froze and hastily asked, “What happened to the baby?”

Gu Jingze lowered his head and coaxed the baby.

The child continued to cry in spite of the rocking motion.

The doctor quickly asked, “Did she urinate?”

Lin Che said, “That’s possible.” She went over and took the child from Gu Jingze.

Seeing the situation, the doctor and the nurse quickly came over to help out. They also wanted to use the chance to take a good look at Gu Jingze.

Good gracious! They found Gu Jingze even more handsome when they saw him at such a close range.

He was literally so flawlessly handsome.

He looked handsome from every angle.

Lin Che was very fast at changing diapers. When she saw that the child had actually urinated, she quickly changed his diapers and carried him.

Seeing this, Gu Jingze took the child from her again. “Let me do it.”

At this, hearts were shooting out of the doctor’s and nurse’s eyeswhat a loving father.


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