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Season 12

Episode 63

(What A Love Sage)

Mu Feiran nudged her. She even put her hands on her and touched her all over.

“Hey, you.” Lin Che also touched Mu Feiran all over.

Mu Feiran’s skin was soft and smooth. She had maintained her skin’s condition so well that it was dewy.

Mu Feiran bashfully shied away from her. Lin Che showed an exasperated expression. “Good lord. What a waste. A body as good as yours should be slept with. If I were a man, I definitely wouldn’t let you off. It’s a pity that my numerous methods of flirting with women are useless. Why did I have to be a woman?”

“I can’t believe you” Mu Feiran shouted and hastily pulled back. “Oh no, a lesbian is trying to get with me.”

The two of them chattered noisily and smiled while walking out.

They were accompanied by joyous laughter that sounded like silver bells. The people outside watched Lin Che and Mu Feiran walk inside while laughing noisily like young girls.

Lin Che was dressed in an orange swimsuit.

The tube top above and the swim shorts below were simple and stylish, but they accentuated her soft and white skin even more.

In reality, orange was not a color that just anyone could pull off. But it seemed as if every piece of clothing could find its own place on her body. Any color, whatever it was, could be used to accentuate her beauty.

Gu Jingze looked at her with narrowed eyes. His attention was completely focused on her alone. However, he did not notice that beside him, Black Hawk had turned his eyes to fix on someone else.

Mu Feiran

It was his very first time seeing Mu Feiran this way.

It momentarily made him forget how he had spent a night with her in a daze. That night, everything had been slightly blurry to him, so he did not remember anything at all. Now that he was seeing her again

He averted his gaze and turned to look at Lin Che instead.

Since she was his own younger sister, of course, she looked pleasing to the eye no matter how he looked at her.

Before he had found out, he loathed her so much that it was difficult to look at her. Everyone said that she was a celebrity, but it had nothing to do with him too. However, the moment he found out that she was actually his younger sister, everything changed. She was pleasing to the eye in every way.

He said, “Pft, pft. Gu Jingze, tell me. How did you get so lucky that you could marry my younger sister?”

Gu Jingze glared at him. But when Gu Jingze looked at her, Gu Jingze’s gaze also softened considerably. “Because God knows that no one but I can protect such beauty, so he allowed me the chance to meet her.”

What the hell

Black Hawk nearly spluttered.

Was this Gu Jingze?

It was unexpected. This fellow looked so cold, but he was so shameless when it came to speaking words of love. It created such a sour taste in his mouth that his teeth were about to drop.

No wonder he had Lin Che in the palm of his hand.

But it seemed that Lin Che also had a firm hold over Gu Jingze. That was why he had changed so significantly.

Back then, if people knew that Gu Jingze was so protective of and loving towards his wife, Lin Che would probably have become the number one prey of those hunters a long time ago.

However, Gu Jingze had kept Lin Che protected way too well. Lin Che kept such a low profile that it seemed as if she had no connection to Gu Jingze at all. This kept her much safer instead.

By this time, Gu Jingze had already stood up and approached her.

He stood beside Lin Che and said, “Come on. Let’s go and play in the water.”

As for Black Hawk, he had already come to Mu Feiran’s side now.

“Aren’t you going into the water?” Mu Feiran looked at him and asked while smiling.

Black Hawk looked her up and down.

Under his dark gaze, Mu Feiran felt as if she was heating up slightly. She wanted to shrink away from his gaze.

But she was unable to hide from it.

Black Hawk glanced at her. He staggered before looking straight ahead and saying, “Let’s go in.”

“Won’t you”

“We don’t have to take the trouble to change our clothes.”


While saying this, Black Hawk tugged his shirt open directly

Mu Feiran’s words immediately got stuck in her throat. She merely looked at Black Hawk.

He slightly pulled off the casual blue shirt he was wearing. Then, he pulled it over his head cleanly and threw it on the chair beside him.

He was not wearing anything inside. His scarred body was naked under the sunlight. He then proceeded to unbuckle his leather belt below

With his hand holding the buckle, he said, “I already wore it inside before coming here.”


Was he doing this on purpose?

Acting out a show of undressing himself and tempting her here.

Mu Feiran watched him tug at his pants with one hand. After that, he moved his casual pants bit by bit.

Lin Che looked at the V-lines on his body, watching as they were revealed little by little.

No, no.

What exactly was she looking at

He swiftly pulled it to the very bottom before smiling faintly. He also stepped on his pants and turned to look at Mu Feiran. When he raised his eyebrows, his steely gaze had a hint of daunting pride. She immediately felt her face turn even redder.

Mu Feiran looked at him. For a moment, she didn’t dare to look at him closely. She wanted to quickly put some distance between them, but she did not expect to hear Black Hawk say, “Hey, wait a bit.”


Mu Feiran looked at him in astonishment.

Black Hawk suddenly leaned in close.

His masculine aura and the heat that only men possessed immediately came close to her.

Mu Feiran only felt his face suddenly move closer to hers. It was if his lips were going to press against her face. She was so shocked that she hastily shut her eyes. She could only feel his scent lingering about her nose. But at the sane time, he had not actually pressed himself to her.

She froze but heard his warm voice surrounding her ear softly. “There is something in your hair.”

Then, her hair moved when he pulled something off it.


So this was why.

She immediately opened her eyes only to see that he was looking at her teasingly. For a moment, Mu Feiran only felt her face burn up as if it was about to explode. More embarrassingly, when she opened her eyes, she saw none other than one of the two red spots on his chest

His chest muscles were huge, but this did not affect the brilliance of the two red spots on them

It seemed as if she was going to touch it if she moved again.

It was too too suggestive

Not daring to even glance at him again, she said directly, “I’m going out.”

As she said this, she ran straight into the water.

“Hey,” he called out. But he could not stop her in time.

Mu Feiran jumped into the water with a splash.

As the water spread around her, her body seemed to feel a little better. However, she had not gotten used to it and the waves were too big. Soon

The rushing waves caused the swimsuit on her body to drop.

“Ah” Mu Feiran let out a cry of alarm and hastily grabbed it.

Just then.

With a plop, water splashed everywhere. Black Hawk, who had heard her cry for help, had already jumped straight into the water.

He caused a splash as he swam towards her with smooth and dashing actions. He appeared directly in front of Mu Feiran.

“What’s going on?”

He lifted Mu Feiran in one swift motion.

He looked down only to see two gleaming lumps of flesh floating in the water.

His eyes heated up

He immediately understood what was happening.

When he turned around, there were still people on the shore looking over here curiously.

He immediately blocked Mu Feiran from view. Then, he turned around and shouted loudly at the people on the shore, “Whoever dares to look again even one more glance, I’ll dig out your eyes!”..


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