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Season 12

Episode 62

( A Stay-at-home Dad Was Indeed Handsome)

Actually, when everyone first saw Black Eagle, they thought he was a scary person.

Now, to outsiders, he was probably still a scary person.

However, in their eyes, Black Eagle was very different from what they thought he was like.

He was a weird person whose thoughts no one knew. He was a weird youth who did not say much but was very overbearing.

That was a little too different compared to the others.

Some people thought he was so weird that they found him cute. Other people were speechless about him.

But this headstrong bandit made everyone think he was weird.

Why was he so good at robbing others?

Furthermore, he spent way too much money, which made things easily exaggerated.

Lin Che exclaimed, “What? You chased them all away?”

Black Eagle replied, “Isn’t it safer?”

Lin Che wanted to remind him, after alighting from the naval vessel, just now that the pedestrians’ expressions were already in great shock.

How much longer did he want to behave so exaggeratedly?

Lin Che really wanted to say she could not tolerate it anymore and wanted to go home, so he could do anything he wanted with Mu Feiran.

Gu Jingze looked around and said, “Forget it. Since they’re already gone, let’s stay here.”

Black Eagle said, “This hotel is really not bad. It’s right next to the sea. You’ll see it in a while. Let’s go inside.”

This was reserved by Black Eagle after all, so the hotel was indeed humongous, which was very good. They entered a two-story villa. The rooms were split accordingly; Lin Che and Gu Jingze, Mu Feiran and the children, and Black Eagle alone.

Black Eagle still had some talent in this area. He let Lin Che and Gu Jingze stay further away while he stayed in the room right next to Mu Feiran’s.

At the door, he was still smiling and saying, “You two make too much noise. We will stay further away from you.”

Lin Che rolled her eyes and thought, Isn’t it because you’re worried we might play gooseberry and ruin things for you?

Naturally, Lin Che and Gu Jingze would not really disturb them.

The people here had already tidied up the place. Lin Che used a baby carrier to carry the child in her arms. Upon seeing it, Gu Jingze walked over and said to Lin Che, “Let me do it.”

Lin Che looked at him in shock. “Y-y-y-you are going to carry this?”

She really could not imagine how Gu Jingze would look like carrying this.

Lin Che replied, “Nevermind, nevermind. Let me carry her.”

“It’s alright,” Gu Jingze said, pulling the back strap over.

Lin Che laughed and said to him, “When you wear this thing, you won’t look all that glamorous. It’ll affect your mighty image.”

Gu Jingze shot her a look. “Shut up.”

He looked down at the child in his arms and said, “It’s no big deal. She is my child. If I don’t carry her, then who will? I know I have a mighty image, but it’s not for others to see.” He lowered his head and gently nibbled Lin Che’s ear. “Only you need to know if I’m mighty or not.”

Lin Che’s ear was now red because of him. She stretched out her arm and pushed him. “Go away.”

Gu Jingze smiled and carried the child on him. Lin Che was really in a spot. She thought that this really did not suit him. Such a tall man was wearing a pink baby carrier. It was simply She thought that it was troubling him too much. For President Gu to wear such a thing, she felt bad for him.

But Gu Jingze already said that he did not care.

Some men would avoid babies and anything related to them, but he was so proactive and calm towards this matter.

She smiled and looked at him. Never mind. Since he did not feel that it was bad, he could give it a try.

She helped him loosen the straps and stabilize the back. Because he was so tall and his shoulders were very broad, she had to loosen the straps to the maximum length.

It was finally done. He supported the child’s head with one hand. He was extremely gentle and his posture was very professional too.

Ever since the child was born, he had never shunned her away. He would carry the baby every day, so these actions were not unfamiliar to him. Looking at him stand there, Lin Che saw something she had never imagined before.

How dashing.

Was it really because he was good-looking, so he would look good no matter what?

She thought that such a pinkish carrier would affect his handsomeness, but it did not at all.

On the contrary, it did not make him look weird. It added a new kind of charm to him.

Like a stay-at-home dad rushing straight to one’s line of vision.

He stood tall as he carried the baby. The little baby looked even tinier against his large body. He was soft and limp, making his father look extra mighty and tall.

Everyone who saw him could not help but envy the baby get safely carried in his arms. They thought that this child was safe and secure beyond anyone else.

Gu Jingze said, “Alright, let’s go.”

Lin Che rolled her eyes, looking in amazement at this effortlessly, good-looking man. She nodded her head infatuatedly, caught up with him, and said, “Yes, yes, yes. Let’s go, let’s go.”

Seriously, she worried for nothing. Now it looked like she did not need to worry at all.

Since he suited carrying the baby so well, she could just leave it to him the next time they hit the streets.

She sighed as her eyes fixated on him.

All the way until they were outside. Mu Feiran and Black Eagle walked out together. Black Eagle even carried the happy Yunyun on his shoulders.

Black Eagle immediately saw that Gu Jingze was actually carrying the baby. He was inevitably stunned.

The way Gu Jingze carried a baby amazed people, but it must be said that it also seemed very harmonious.

This image amazed Black Eagle too. A man’s coolest moment was probably this moment. His strongest moment was also this moment.

To be willing to put down his dominance for the woman he loved and be a qualified father for his own child. This was truly a man’s greatest moment.

Black Eagle sighed and tutted in his mind. What was so attractive about Lin Che that the great Gu Jingze was willing to be an obedient little man?

But looking at Lin Che, he thought that it was indeed worth it too

She was his sister, after all. She was pretty, had a good figure, and most importantly, she had a great personality.

Finding a beautiful woman could not compare to finding an interesting woman. Meanwhile, Lin Che was both a pretty and interesting woman.

No wonder Gu Jingze clung to her so much and treated her so well.

The group set off. When they were outside, they were greeted with the scenery.

At the beach, Lin Che and Mu Feiran went to change into their bathing suits. Mu Feiran smiled and looked at Lin Che. She said, “Your figure really does not look like you just gave birth recently.”

Lin Che asked, “Really? I think my belly is still a little empty.”

“Your skin is not loose nor does it look stretched at all. When I had Yunyun, it took a long time for my belly to recover. Sigh. You’re still young, after all.”

Mu Feiran was only a little older than her, but the difference was obvious.

Lin Che said, “I’m not young at all. You can still pass off acting as a sixteen-year-old girl. Don’t call me young.”

“Of course. I am amazed at your skin. It’s like porcelain, so compact. Hehe. Gu Jingze is one lucky guy.”


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