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Season 12

Episode 60

(He Came Of His Own Accord. It Has Nothing To Do With Me)

Mu Feiran said, “Alright. Isn’t that what they want? You said that you were with a guy, so of course, they would say that you’re announcing your relationship. And don’t worry. They’ll definitely ask you who exactly it is. They’ll pester you until you spit it out.”

“I-I-I I didn’t expect this” It really was just a casual remark.

She was not used to lying and she always evaded the topic. Who knew that this time.

Mu Feiran shook her head and said, “However, the media completely tossed Wu Yufei aside just now. They are probably very pissed off now.”

Lin Che held her hands up innocently. “It’s their own fault for always pitting themselves against us. We never wanted to make enemies. They kept coming at us for no reason and it’s so annoying.”

“Yeah. They don’t care about their reputation if it means more profit. It was the same in my previous company.” Talking about it, Mu Feiran had a hint of mockery in her voice.

Lin Che said, “Don’t worry. We care about more than that. You’ll never have to go back to a bad place like that again.”

Mu Feiran took her hand.

Lin Che talked about their upcoming itinerary and Mu Feiran naturally agreed to it.

However, Lin Che did not say that Black Eagle was coming along.

Hehe. She’d have to explain it when the time came. It was all the same, anyway.

Furthermore, her intuition told her that Mu Feiran would agree to Black Eagle going too.

The film festival awards were in progress.

When it was Nishang’s turn, Lin Che went on stage with the other original creators to receive the award.

The host looked at Lin Che and quickly asked a few questions.

Lin Che smiled and said, “Thank you, everyone, for allowing me to reappear with a new status this time. Our next season will definitely be better.”

The host quickly asked, “Will you still be acting?”

“Of course, I will. I’ll be making a comeback. Thank you, everyone.”

Lin Che did not say a lot. She did not want to steal the spotlight from everyone, although none of them would have minded. They were all very close and nobody minded these things.

After that, at the celebration party backstage.

Lin Che sat at the table with everyone and received many congratulatory greetings.

At this moment, Liang Shan also joined in.

“Oh my, Lin Che.”

Lin Che stood up. She did not know this person yet.

Beside her, Mu Feiran said, “This is Brother Liang. He is a reputable agent in the industry.”

Although Lin Che had never met him, she had previously heard of him. She smiled and said to him, “Oh, Brother Liang. Hello, hello. I’ve heard plenty about you.”

“Haha. I wanted to say hello at the airport just now, but you were surrounded by too many reporters. We weren’t able to go over.”

“Really? We didn’t notice it when we arrived. Sorry.”

“No, no. You guys are too popular. You were surrounded by reporters and fans. Of course, we couldn’t go over.”

“Haha. You’re really too kind”

“Not at all. Come, Yufei. Come here and get to know your senior. Senior Lin is so great. You’d better learn from her.”

Wu Yufei came forward and looked at Lin Che and Mu Feiran. She was clearly nervous.

Lin Che and Mu Feiran looked at one another. They smiled and greeted Wu Yufei.

Such a direct introduction? Was he showing off right in front of them?

Lin Che beamed and asked, “Really, haven’t you been learning from us? We may have started two years earlier, so we do have some experience. Please, learn all you can.”

It wasn’t the first time they mimicked Lin Che’s company’s model.

Hearing them say that, Liang Shan did not feel happy at all. He laughed and asked, “Is that so? That’s just a coincidence. But Yufei will definitely learn from her seniors. After all, she is still young and doesn’t know anything yet. That’s the bad thing about being young. Sigh, she has to learn everything. Do you see it? You’re just meeting a senior and you’re already so scared.”

Was he using age as an advantage?

Sure enough, it was the same for every generation. Lin Che had long ago played with this method too.

Laughing, she said, “Yes, please learn. I hope you’ll still be as lively as me when you reach my age now.”

Hearing this, Liang Shang narrowed his eyes at her. How arrogant.

But what she said was right.

She had been active for many years and was still so active. That was something not just any star could do.

Those who debuted at the same time as she did already disappeared, leaving her the last one standing. That only meant one thing

She could very likely become an S-list celebrity.

And become the true queen.

That was not something one film award could determine.

One needed to truly become queen.

Just like Mu Feiran, who was on top for more than a decade. She only quit because she didn’t want to continue acting anymore.

This was the method that required years to leave a mark in history.

At this moment.

Liang Shan felt that he could not use such artists for his own gain. It was best to take them down early. Now, it was really troublesome. It would not be easy to take her down. It would also take more than a couple of years to outcompete her.

He looked at Lin Che deeply and then left.

Lin Che’s group checked into the hotel. At night, Lin Che’s appearance was immediately captured by many big media companies.

Lin Che’s office also already answered a few questions, saying that Lin Che planned to continue filming reality shows. They were going to commence filming Broke Tourists soon. Then, they would slowly pick a script. This was the plan for the crew for now. Everything else would depend on where the wind took them.

On Lin Che’s side, she said that she would make a comeback. Over there, scripts were already mailed to her inbox.

However, Lin Che really did not have the time to read all of them. For a day she spent here, she had already received a few scripts.

Mu Feiran looked and said, “It’s your comeback drama. Choose wisely.”

Lin Che said, “My mind is still in a mess. I’ll take my time to see.”

Just then, she heard some noises outside.

Lin Che asked, “What time is it already? What’s going on outside?”

They had booked a resort hotel.

Thus, they booked a villa at the hotel.

The group stayed at the villa, which was more comfortable.

At this moment, sounds came from the outside and they saw a car pulling up at the door.

Lin Che asked surprisingly, “Who is it?”

The person outside already got down the car and knocked on the door. Lin Che took a look. Wasn’t that Black Eagle?

Why was Black Eagle here?

Lin Che naturally understood that it was all for Mu Feiran, but what was he doing now?

Lin Che opened the door and asked, “What are you doing?”

Black Eagle asked, “Didn’t you say we’re going on a trip? I looked up your itinerary and it said that you would set out today and be out for a week. Let’s choose a place and go.”


What? Leaving just like that? Was he out of his mind?

“You How did you get our itinerary?”

Their itinerary was at the office. How did he get access to it?

But it was not unimaginable. He probably sent someone to interrogate at the office

Behind, Mu Feiran was also extremely surprised. “Mr Mr. Mo is going too?”

Lin Che turned around and said, “Don’t look at me He insisted on coming.”


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