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Season 12

Episode 69

(Love Is Dangerous To Begin With)

Although her situation was different, Mu Feiran understood it too.

Her identity meant that she was destined to be different from ordinary people.

As a public figure, she had to undertake many risks. She had known this since a long time ago.

But she had chosen to be a celebrity, so she could only accept this.

Nodding her head, she said, “I understand, Lin Che. Thank you.”

“If you’re grateful then, give me your heart.” Lin Che smiled.

Mu Feiran pouted. “But you already have a man.”

“I mean, pledge to marry my brother and become my sister-in-law.”


Mu Feiran shut her mouth again. She no longer wanted to bother with her at all!

Of course, the two of them stayed together that night. But would something happen

Lin Che looked forward to it quite a bit, but she also felt that this was enough. It was good enough that the two of them were able to support each other in times of difficulty.

That night, Lin Che lay there with Gu Jingze sitting beside her and peeling tangerines for her.

Lin Che ate a piece of tangerine and mumbled to herself, “It looks like Feiran is probably fine as well. She’s actually quite a strong person. When she had previously been alone abroad, she was still completely fine despite being bullied so terribly by Mo Ding.

Gu Jingze recalled this before remembering that Lin Che had also shot someone before.

He looked at Lin Che. “When you fired a shot that time, were you scared?”

Lin Che looked straight ahead.

How could she not be afraid? But she was even more afraid of losing him.

She shook her head. “I definitely wouldn’t dare to do it if I were alone. But at that time, I thought of others and so I wasn’t scared.”

Gu Jingze looked at her quietly while slowly pulling her into his embrace.

She said, “Of course, I hope that I can become more powerful. That way, I can be more at ease standing by your side. Thus, whether I run my company, make games, or do other things, I hope that I can do all of it well. That way, I can become more and more powerful.”

Gu Jingze kissed her briefly on her forehead. The two of them were hugging each other at the moment, but the atmosphere around them was particularly heartwarming.

Gu Jingze said, “By letting you stay with me, I’m also letting you be exposed to danger with me”

“Gu Jingze.” She lifted her head and looked at him. “But I’m willing to do that.”

Love was a dangerous thing, to begin with. But there was no way they could call it dangerous if they could control it.

The vacation here had not ended yet. Thus, Yu Minmin sent her a message saying that she had found a good endorsement deal for her and reminded her to go back soon.

When Lin Che returned to the company, Yu Minmin said that this endorsement deal was very hard to come by. It was a local endorsement deal for a cosmetic product. Because it was a cosmetic product from a major international brand, they usually did not look for local celebrities. But this time, they had made an exception for the first time and sought a local celebrity to endorse the product.

The other party had sought her out of their own accord because they had seen scenes of Lin Che’s comeback. They felt that her skin had been in such good condition for so many years. She did not have any negative news of plastic surgery. Although people previously said that she had definitely had plastic surgery, there was no proof at all. Because her face had not changed much over the years, and everything else remained the same apart from her makeup, they felt perfectly at ease too. Their chosen endorsement model would not turn ugly because of botched cosmetic surgeries.

Lin Che smiled and said to Yu Minmin, “You even managed to snag this endorsement deal. That’s so impressive.”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s just because they chose you. I didn’t do much.”

“Don’t be modest. There were so many people competing for this. You must have had a part to play in it.”

But the two of them had yet to relish in this when the assistant behind them said, “Sister Che, there’s a news article online alleging that you stole an endorsement deal belonging to a rookie. What’s going on?”


Yu Minmin mumbled that this was impossible. Then, she went online to take a look. Sure enough, it was a rookie. She did not even know who she was. Her small face looked quite fresh and pure. She looked quite pretty too. On her Weibo page, she posted, “Forget it. Anyway, yours truly can’t beat those with money and power. If I can’t get an endorsement deal, then so be it.”

Subsequently, popular users shared her post and stated, “It’s suspected that Lin Che stole a major endorsement deal meant for a rookie. The rookie has been pouring out her grievances on Weibo. It’s rumored that the endorsement deal is from a major international brand of luxury cosmetics YT.”

Lin Che had an expression of complete confusion. Baffled, she asked, “Who is this? I don’t even know her.”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s possible that someone knew about your endorsement deal and wanted to use it to hype her up. Let me see who this tactless celebrity is. How dare she use you to bring attention to herself?”

Yu Minmin very quickly went to investigate.

Lin Che waited in the company. Before long, the people at the company received the news.

“This celebrity is from a small management company. She doesn’t seem to have any background or patron. She’s from an ordinary family and graduated from a drama academy. To date, she has only been an extra a few times.”

Lin Che said, “In that case, forget it. Let her sensationalize. Just give her a warning.”

Yu Minmin looked at her. “You’re so generous.”

Lin Che said, “Everyone starts out as an extra. As long as she has no malicious intentions, let her sensationalize a bit if she wants to. If she has malicious intentions, there’s nothing I can do either.”

“Alright if she goes overboard, we’ll really have to do something about her.”

Yu Minmin knew that Lin Che was still very magnanimous deep down.

She was not that petty about such things either.

Lin Che left this place and continued to browse online for fun trivial games.

In a short span of time, she noticed a small game production studio called “Genesis.”

Recently, she had been searching online for games of this type. Thus, she was momentarily attracted to the creativity and graphics in this game. Although the game was very small-scale and was used to pass the time, it was really very fascinating.

She browsed for some time before calling Chen Lanshan to say, “I saw a game production studio. Help me check on how good this studio is.”

Chen Lanshan spoke in a very languid tone.

Hearing that she had gone off for vacation immediately after filming, she felt that Lin Che really did not have much enthusiasm for their jobs. She did not expect her to actually still remember.

Since the boss had given the instruction, she had to execute it. Then, she asked in a relaxed manner, “Sure, Miss Lin. What studio is this?””

Lin Che said, “Genesis.”

“Huh?” Chen Lanshan had never even heard of this studio.

Lately, she had researched a few studios on Lin Che’s instructions. However, she had genuinely never heard of this one.

However, since Lin Che had said the word, she immediately said, “Alright, I’ll go and ask around.”

Lin Che played for a while more. She sincerely felt that this game was great.

As for Chen Lanshan, she was, as expected, a great assistant and started investigating very soon after.

In no time, she managed to find out that this studio was a private organization. It was not a company. It developed several low-budget games and had been collectively set up by a few students for fun.

Seeing this, Chen Lanshan could not believe her eyes. She wondered to herself why Lin Che had found this studio for no reason.

No one could have expected someone to immediately inform Genesis Studio that someone was investigating them when Chen Lanshan started to do so.

The people in Genesis played together in the same university dorm. One of them was a professional hacker. He had been a freelance hacker for many years. Today, he was still well-known in the professional world.

But this group of people in their twenties were very cynical. The moment they heard that someone was enquiring about them, all of them scoffed at this and said, “It’s probably nothing good anyway. It’s likely to be another hoax.”

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