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Season 12

Episode 59

(Bad Luck Meeting Lin Che)

Wu Yufei heard this and was worried. “Brother Liang, is it a good idea to rush down here together with them? Don’t we have to go another route?”

Her agent, Liang Shan, was Glorious Star’s top agent. Glorious Star especially poached him over so that he could grow some of the celebrities here.

He did not disappoint Glorious Star. Sure enough, he managed to raise a few newcomers and make a name for Glorious Star in the industry.

Liang Shan was no saint. He looked at Wu Yufei and said, “What are you afraid of? I told you that they are expired goods. Don’t be scared. You’re still young and you’ll have more time to be famous than they do. It’s just one expired female star and you’re already so scared. You’re too cowardly. Be braver, you hear me? Don’t be a disgrace to Glorious Star.”

Hearing his words, Wu Yufei could only straighten up and continue walking.

Since her agent already said that, she could only follow.

She was worried that the media would say that she was seeking attention, so she did not dare to come out together. However, Liang Shan did not allow her to evade. She could only harden her skin and continue.

Sure enough, at this moment, the media soon discovered Wu Yufei.

“Isn’t that Wu Yufei over there?”

“Oh my, it is.”

Everyone looked at her. Wu Yufei also heard people calling her name and felt that she probably wouldn’t lose out on much either.

Liang Shan also stood there and asked, “You see? The one who should be afraid is Mu Feiran. We have nothing to fear.”

Mu Feiran saw Wu Yufei over there.

She said to Lin Che beside her, “Do you see them? An inevitable clash between enemies.”

Lin Che took a look and said to Mu Feiran, “There is a good saying. Outfit clashes are not scary. Being ugly is scary. It’s the same in our industry. Bumping into one another is not scary, but being less famous than the other is scary.”

Lin Che said, “Now is the time when popularity is tested. We’re not afraid.”

Mu Feiran smiled and saw the reporters approach them. They have not seen Lin Che in a long time and they asked, “Lin Che, it’s been a long time. Where have you been?”

“Take a guess.” Lin Che smiled.

The reporter said, “Some people guessed that you went off to get married.”

“Well, I did not,” Lin Che replied.

“So what have you been up to?”

Lin Che said, “I went to be a producer, haven’t I? I am back here with my results today.”

“No way. The fans don’t believe you.”

“Fine, fine, fine. What do they believe in?”

“They believe that you got married.”

“I really have not.”

She was married long ago.

“So you are”

“Hehe, I was indeed with a guy.” Lin Che’s reply shocked everyone.

Was she admitting to a relationship?

Every time she worked with someone, there would always be some kind of rumor. Back then, it was even more so with Gu Jingyu. The rumor lasted for so long but she never once admitted to it.

Now, she was actually admitting to it?

“Who is it?”

“Is he inside or outside the circle?”

“Are you going to get married?”

“Are you going to have kids?”

These reporters immediately became busybodies and bombarded her with questions.

Lin Che laughed cheekily. “Well, it’s still a secret for now. I can only hope everyone can give me a little freedom. I hope to be able to have a relationship like a normal person. That is why I left for so long. Thank you, everyone.”

An official relationship!

What a killer.

She only said that she was in love but did not mention who it was with. However, it was already enough to send the media into a frenzy.

This was going to be tomorrow’s headline for sure.

Lin Che was too explosive. The first thing she did was to admit that she had a boyfriend.

Everyone started to speculate and wonder who exactly was her boyfriend.

The media immediately started to come up with possible candidates.

They thought about all the possible guys in and out of the industry.

But there really was no certainty.

Because many of Lin Che’s good friends within the industry were males and she was rather close to them. They also did not look like they would be involved with her romantically.

Outside the industry, those good friends were also out of the question. They did not look too bad and some even confessed to her before, but it couldn’t be any of them realistically.

Lin Che naturally was unaware that her casual words caused a speculative wave outside in a short time. She only smiled at everyone and excused herself as she continued on her way to get ready.

How could the media be willing to get left behind?

They chased after her all the way until the entrance of the airport.

They didn’t even look back at Wu Yufei.

Wu Yufei was ignored by the media. She stood there frustratedly as a cold breeze grazed past her.

No way. Was she invisible?

Wu Yufei almost wanted to cry.

“Brother Liang, is my popularity that bad now? Am I not getting enough exposure recently?”

Liang Shan also did not expect this. He went outside to ask around. “Who is that?”

“Brother Liang, it’s Lin Che.”

“Oh, please.” Liang Shan clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. This Lin Che.

However, he could only let go helplessly. He said to Wu Yufei, “It has nothing to do with you. This Lin Che is poisonous.”

The industry already gave in to Lin Che. She always had her own way of doing things that were fresh and creative. The moment she appears, she would definitely become the media’s focus of attention.

Because she had some kind of magic on her?

Actually, she did.

Whether a celebrity could continue being popular had nothing to do with beauty. The main thing one needed to have was uniqueness.

Lin Che’s two-character name felt very personal to fans. It was special, interesting, and humorous. Anyway, she was simply different from those cheap goods outside.

Moreover, Lin Che liked to mock herself once in a while. When she didn’t, others would mock her. This ridiculing around made her lovable.

In addition, Lin Che was indeed rather pretty.

Also, her acting was not bad for every show she acted in.

Based on her acting skills, her personality, and uniqueness, she was naturally popular.

It was only a pity that Liang Shan would never find such a good artist in his life.

But as a rival, this would be his most hated type.

“Damn it. What bad luck we have. Forget it. Never mind. We’ll go our own way. Don’t bother about her.” Liang Shan could only comfort Wu Yufei. “You couldn’t help it either. It has nothing to do with your popularity. It’s only because you bumped into Lin Che. It’s not like you don’t know that Lin Che is simply like this. Nevermind. Let’s go to the film festival.”

Wu Yufei could only be sad. She wanted to go by another route, but look at what happened now. Nobody gave a hoot about her. How embarrassing was this?

The next time she met Lin Che, she would really have to stay far away from her.

When Lin Che got on the car, she saw the top searches online and realized that she actually “announced her relationship.”

“What? Since when did I announce my relationship? I just said I had a boyfriend. These people These people”

The potential boyfriends they chose were not even close to the real one.


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