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Season 12

Episode 58

(What Time Is It To Still Be So Passionate)

“Exactly. Maybe it’s because our boss wants to please a beautiful woman, so he intentionally gave her one project. On the other hand, she wants to get close to our boss, so she intentionally collaborates with him for a project Anyway, somebody else’s love affair got us implicated.”

Everyone talked and laughed. They looked at Chen Lanshan. “We’re still okay. It’s just Manager Chen. She was doing just fine at the food program and she got pulled into this game.”

Chen Lanshan kept a cool demeanor, picked up the documents, and walked away.

The company anticipated Lin Che’s return very much. They prepared at the office for the whole day.

Glorious Star’s movement recently had become fiercer and they were starting to worry.

The company’s competitiveness and reputation were all good in the circle. Although they relied on the name of the studio, they were never afraid of anyone.

But it was impossible not to worry.

Glorious Star had several newcomers.

Wu Yufei was chosen as one of the best newcomers. That was also due to online fame and because that previous huge IP was popular. There was suddenly a lot of talk and exposure.

A newcomer group came out shortly. One of the most popular girls was said to be the school belle in her day. The other was apparently the most beautiful dancer. This immediately gained a lot of attention.

Yu Minmin knew that Glorious Star would immediately send their team to participate in the upcoming film festival.

On their side, Mu Feiran and her team would also take part. They had already been internally selected for the best internet drama of the year and for a creative award. The internal department let the few main creators take part.

Actually, Lin Che was also one of the main creators. Thus, Yu Minmin allowed Lin Che to go along.

It was considered her direct comeback.

Lin Che also understood Yu Minmin’s idea.

Their web series succeeded and she appeared together with it. There was a lot of talk and exposure too. Ultimately, she would be part of the spotlight no matter what.

Lin Che was going away for the festival. Gu Jingze could not bear to leave her and especially sent her to the airport himself.

Lin Che walked out, hung her arms around his neck, and stood on tiptoes to look at him. “I’ll be back in two days.”

“Okay. Mind your body.”

“Don’t worry. You should mind your body too. Don’t move your arm around too much.”

It takes a hundred days for bones to knit and tendons to heal. Although he looked mostly recovered, he still should not use too much strength.

Gu Jingze simply pulled her in and planted a wet kiss on her lips.

It was very light, but his tongue was already entering

He sucked on her lip before gently releasing her.

Lin Che’s face was red. Yu Minmin and Mu Feiran, who were behind, already did not want to say anything.

Nan Gongyu straight away coughed dryly and turned away.

Didn’t they already have two kids? He was still so passionate, although she was only going away for two days.

And they were still alive!

They were still looking!

Such a wet kiss Even the tongue could be seen. Was this really a good idea?

Gu Jingze clearly treated them as if they were invisible. He spoke to Lin Che and left.

Yu Minmin said, “Oh my God, Lin Che. Are we invisible to you two?!”

Nan Gongyu said, “Nonsense. Perhaps not to her, but we are absolutely invisible to Gu Jingze. Let’s go, let’s go.”

Lin Che blushed and said, “What? It was just a kiss”

Yu Minmin said, “That was just a kiss? It was so deep that we could even see your tongues! It was too wet, too passionate, too. That was absolutely R-rated.”


It was not that obvious!

Lin Che protested and said, “You definitely saw it wrong! It wasn’t that passionate!”

Mu Feiran laughed and said, “Alright, you probably didn’t notice because you were too engrossed. But it makes sense. You couldn’t not be engrossed by a wet kiss from President Gu. We understand. You don’t have to explain it.”


“You guys are ganging up against me!”


The group laughed and talked as they walked towards the rest of the company.

The group saw Lin Che, whom they have not seen in a long time, as they walked over.

The last time they saw her, her belly was already showing. Now, she was suddenly slender. Standing among the other women, her figure inevitably amazed people.

Hey, she did not look like someone who just had a baby at all.

That pair of legs was still so slim and her waist was still so tiny.

Needless to say, her face was still so fair. When her slender fingers moved, she looked like a goddess.

Lin Che’s postpartum recovery rate was fast. She really was the envy of many women.

“Sister Che.”

“Sister Che, you’re back.”

“Sister Che, you look great!”

“Exactly. Sister Che, what is your secret?”

Lin Che smiled helplessly. “I don’t have any secrets.”

What secret could there be? She also thought that some female celebrities looked good after childbirth because they definitely did not eat when they were pregnant.

The quick recovery was probably because they were harsh on themselves.

Even if she wanted to do the same Gu Jingze would never allow it.

She indeed did not diet or exercise. She only lost weight naturally.

Perhaps it had to do with her physique. Perhaps she could not take in nutrients well and most of what she ate would end up in the toilet bowl.

When she said that to Gu Jingze, he scolded her and told her not to spout nonsense.

She asked, “Why don’t you take my stool to test if you don’t believe me? I bet it won’t be any less different than what I ate.”

Gu Jingze

Everyone was initially worried. Lin Che came out not long after childbirth and they were worried that people would be able to find out. But looking at her now, all their worries disappeared.

She did not look any different from before.

On the plane, everyone discussed the itinerary.

They planned to drive themselves down to the hotel and then go to the venue after dressing up.

However, they did not expect to be surrounded after getting off the plane.

Some of the media already knew that Lin Che and Mu Feiran’s crew would be at the film festival.

This film festival was not that important. It was a festival created by the court and the judges were all from the court, not the public audience. Thus, many people did not think much of it and the audience did not bother with the results.

Anyway, they could tell who was going to win when they saw the nominees.

However, this also did not stop them from wanting to see their favorite celebrities. Thus, media coverage was still plenty.

After a while, the horde soon made it difficult for the airport to control, especially when the fans further away saw the media since they also joined in.

Wu Yufei’s crew got down from the same plane and were puzzled.

“Who is in front? Why are there so many people?”

“Looks like it is Mu Feiran and the rest.”

“Hmph. The expired good is here to get attention, isn’t she?” The agent from behind said.



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