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Season 12

Episode 57

(Perhaps She Is Just Playing Around)

Lin Che finally picked up Li Mingyu’s call at night.

Ly Mingyu huffed over the phone, “You still dare to answer my call, Lin Che?”

Lin Che laughed cheekily, “I never picked up your call. It’s only because you kept calling and it got annoying, so I picked it up. What do you want?”

Li Mingyu said, “Just tell me if that was Gu Jingze today.”

“Why do you think that it was him? Why can’t it be me?”

“Of course not. If you were that clever, you wouldn’t have been beaten to a pulp previously.”


“And it’s only a pervert like Gu Jingze who could do something like that. He even tried to kill me? Ha, immature.”

He was dissing Gu Jingze for being childish at this point

Shouldn’t he take a look at the childish things he had done?

Li Mingyu was angry. He was having a good time inside initially and was happily flaunting. He let people look up to him as a god, but was unexpectedly beaten up by Gu Jingze. All his equipment ended up being sold off.

Although Gu Jingze went offline after that, everyone was still in admiration. They said that someone managed to record the scene of his beating. It was soon uploaded on the forum and people immediately took a liking to Gu Jingze. They even wanted to know who exactly was ‘The Village Hope.’ They wanted to get in touch with him and ask him if he had any interest in competitive gaming.

How could Gu Jingze ever have an interest in competitive gaming? Their wish would never come true.

But what made Li Mingyu angry was that everyone was now saying ‘The Village Hope’ was a god who was better than professional gamers while he was like a clown getting the beating he deserved.

Damn it. How was this possible

Lin Che said, “I didn’t play. So what now? That guy who wants to compete with you for the grand prize The first rich guy. How is he now?”

“Ha, compete with me? It’s definitely mine.”

“Who are you giving it to when you get it?”

“Hmph, I’ll throw it away.”


To throw away something worth two million yuan?

Li Mingyu said proudly, “I said that I would give it to you. But it’s too bad that you joined forces with your husband to beat me. Hmph. You’re not getting it. I’m throwing it away.”

“” Lin Che said, “Okay I’ll still congratulate you on winning.”

That supposed first rich guy was also unlucky to have met Li Mingyu.

He was no ordinary rich man. He definitely did not mind that little bit of money. They could not compete with him in terms of money.

Lin Che sighed and said to him, “Oh right, about this game. I have an idea for the introduction. I’ll tell you about it when I visit your company.”

“Okay, I’m free tomorrow. You can come over.”

Lin Che could not help but respect Li Mingyu for being able to establish such a big company in a short time.

The building was completely finished and filled with employees. It did not look like a company that just started two months ago.

Li Mingyu was already waiting when Lin Che arrived.

When Li Mingyu saw Lin Che, he said, “Wow, not bad. You recovered well.”

Lin Che said, “Cut the crap. Let’s just get to the main point.”

“Tsk, I’ve never met someone who would get angry at a compliment like you. You should see how women get so excited when I compliment them. They wear so little all because they want my compliments. What about you?”

“Yeah, yeah. Since many women are vying for your compliments, I’m not going to join the crowd. About the game” Lin Che took out her file and talked about her idea.

First of all, it would be balanced. Next, the content would be diverse. The positioning had to be accurate. Then, the fight scene had to be intense and there had to be a strength contest.

Li Mingyu said, “Wouldn’t this not attract girls? I’d like to make more games targeted at girls. Oh my, just think about entering a game filled with women”

“Hey, hey, hey. We are making a game, not a harem. What women Furthermore, you have too little understanding of women now. Girls these days play games and they also like games with competitive fighting. We also like violent roles.”

“Alright We’ll go with that. So you like violent roles, eh?”

“Get lost!”

However, Lin Che thought that there would definitely be a certain degree of difficulty, but it was necessary. They should not be as professional as DOTA. They had to at least be like LOL, acceptable by both guys and girls.

After talking for a day, Li Mingyu immediately said, “Okay. I’m prepared to invest two billion yuan in the introduction. You can start to form a team tomorrow.”


Li Mingyu was really a classic example of plunging right into the job.

Or it was because he was rich, so he did not care about anything else. Neither did he care if he made a loss. Anyway, he could just quit if he wanted to.

They had human resources. She just needed to pick a few from the company.

Lin Che said, “Alright, I’ll go and select some people.”

Li Mingyu immediately sent a director down with Lin Che to conduct the selection.

The director was extremely respectful towards Lin Che. He stayed behind, bowing and nodded all the way.

At the human resources department, the HR manager recommended a list. Lin Che selected a few members to make up the promotional marketing team, but she had not found a production team.

She felt that the company’s production team was not very good as they stuck to the rules too much. Thus, their thinking would not necessarily be better than an outsider’s. Whatever they came up with could be too clich.

They could find a good team outside that would have stronger and more creative ideas.

She made up her mind and met up with the marketing team first. She said to everyone, “Hi, everyone. I suppose you all know who I am, so I will skip the introduction. We’ll get to know each other more in the future.”

The director said, “Miss Lin, this is our marketing department’s head, Chen Lanshan.”

Chen Lanshan seemed like a proud person. She looked at Lin Che, who was a celebrity who suddenly started collaborating with the director. Perhaps the director harbored impure intentions.

A wallflower was running a company and a business. Was that possible?

Chen Lanshan remained proud and only smiled at her.

Lin Che said, “Okay, Manager Chen. The first thing we need to do is give our team a name. We are a subsidy of your original company and now we’re here on our own to set up an office. You guys can brainstorm and think of a bright-sounding name. Let’s not talk about anything else for now. If everyone knows of a gaming production team, please send their details to me too. Alright, that’s all.”

Lin Che did not sidetrack too much and she soon adjourned the meeting.

They thought that she was going to talk for the whole day and that would not have been fun.

But Lin Che was also a hard worker who did not like to drag things. Furthermore, she was already busy, to begin with. She had been out the whole day and wanted to go home and see her baby as soon as possible.

She left after the meeting ended.

The people behind watched Lin Che leave and said, “It seems like she isn’t too strict. That’s not too bad.”

“Or perhaps she isn’t taking this seriously, so she doesn’t care. She just needs to say a few words and leave while handing everything to us. If this is how it’s going to be from now on, we’re doomed too.”

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