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Season 12

Episode 56

(Alright, I Want To Make A Comeback And Get Rid Of Starlight)

However, Gu Jingze did not use much force against him either.

Subsequently, Li Mingyu immediately came up to him.

But he was also cursing while doing it. “Lin Che, have you gone mad?”

At the same time, he also started to defend himself and actively initiated attacks too.

But this game was very fair in reality. Because even if one’s equipment was exceptionally powerful, it did not mean that he could definitely kill thousands of people. One’s skills and control were still extremely important.

However, only one bar of blood disappeared after he attacked him with the spear.

After all, Li Mingyu’s equipment was too robust.

Thus, Gu Jingze attacked him relentlessly. He circled around him numerous times, dodging while making moves. In a short time, Li Mingyu started to utter profanities.

“Lin Che, what’s the matter with you?”

“Hey. Lin Che, good on you.”

“What the hell? Lin Che, your hands are so quick.”

“Lin Che, you’re so good at this. How did you die earlier?”

After shouting for a long time, he seemed to realize what was going on.

“Ah! Damn it. You’re not Lin Che. I’m sure Lin Che doesn’t have such skills. Who the hell are you?”

“Gu Jingze, why are you poking your nose into other people’s business?!”

“Gu Jingze, just you wait. Say something. Do you think I wouldn’t know it’s you just because you’re staying silent?”

His microphone was now turned on. At the moment, they could hear sounds of his furious typing and his swearing at Gu Jingze from the computer.

But Gu Jingze remained unflustered as if he could not hear his voice. Although his blood meter lowered at a slightly slower pace, Li Mingyu was unexpectedly about to die

From where she was, Lin Che had not clearly seen what Gu Jingze was doing earlier. He suddenly used the skill of attraction to swiftly pull Li Mingyu back towards him just when he was about to escape injured.


They heard Li Mingyu’s blood-curdling screech from the computer.

Thereafter, on the screen, Li Mingyu’s character collapsed onto the ground and died.

Li Mingyu’s cry kept reverberating afterward.

“Gu Jingze, you weirdo. Why did you kill me? Just you wait.”

“Gu Jingze, what’s the fun in hiding behind Lin Che? If you’re capable enough, come out and let’s have a just and honorable battle.”

“I was hesitant to attack you since you’re a woman. Play with your own character if you have the guts.”

Lin Che widened her eyes and looked on. Only now did she know what expert moves looked like.

Every single move was so precise and Gu Jingze perfectly predicted his opponent’s next move too. He immediately knew what the opponent intended to do and was able to negate that move. He remembered everything clearly. He also moved around in a very flashy manner and managed to evade nearly every attack from the opponent.

While watching his hands move swiftly across the keyboard earlier, Lin Che felt dazed by the speed of his hands in moments of emergency.

Gu Jingze truly looked mad when he was focused. But at the same time, he was also very alluring.

Lin Che let out a shout of awe. She looked at Gu Jingze and said, “Ah, you’re so good at this.”

Gu Jingze turned around and said, “Wait a moment. Let me finish up here.”

Lin Che was confused. What else did he want to do? Wasn’t the opponent already dead?

Gu Jingze then turned around once on the spot, following which a few items dropped into his inventory.

These were the three pieces of equipment that had fallen from Li Mingyu’s body. All of them were the equipment with no levels. He had dropped three of them only because Gu Jingze had tormented him for too long.

Lin Che suddenly cried out in surprise, “Wow. You attacked him until his equipment fell. Wow, you’re way too good at this”

While hugging Gu Jingze, she moved closer to him and pecked him.

After killing him, he even stole his equipment

Li Mingyu was probably going to die of anger on the other end.

However, what made him even angrier was what happened next.

Later, Gu Jingze said directly online, “I’m trading levelless gear, three of them, for equipment that suits me. Send me a private message if you want it. If I like yours, I’ll just give you mine.”

The online world went into an immediate frenzy.

Seeing this, everyone thought, Hey, wasn’t this the levelless equipment “Enchanting Islet under the Moonlit Night” had been wearing earlier?

Thereafter, “Enchanting Islet under the Moonlit Night” shouted angrily online, “Just you wait. Don’t let me see you again. I’ll kill you each time I see you.”

Everyone understood what was happening when they thought about it.

This gear had fallen off. “Enchanting Islet under the Moonlit Night” had been killed.

How did “The Hope of the Entire Village” suddenly become so formidable

She could even kill a tycoon who wore levelless gear.

However, “Rain Falling On Earth” had just been going around and talking about how she had killed “The Hope of the Entire Village” within a short time.

What exactly was going on?

Lin Che went offline, feeling perfectly content.

When she saw her phone ring, she immediately knew that Li Mingyu was calling her.

She huffed and left the call unanswered. She merely hugged Gu Jingze and asked, “How did you do it? You’re so amazing.”

Gu Jingze said, “I looked at the manual.”


Fine. She had read the manual before too, but

Her hands could not coordinate well with her brain. She could not do what she intended to do and could not think about what she was doing.

Anyway, she simply remained terrible at controlling her moves.

Sure enough, there were some outstanding people who would shine wherever they went.

Lin Che said, “I think I know roughly how to create games.”

Gu Jingze asked, “How?”

“Create conflicts. Something is appealing only if there are clashes. People should be allowed to fight in the game and each person should be able to participate. There will be people where there is gossip. Whether it’s the entertainment industry or in the game industry, this is always the case.”

Gu Jingze smiled and looked at her.

As expected, this girl was quite insightful.

But he would not let her be so proud either.

He pinched her nose. “At least you’re not that stupid.”

“Come on, really. I’m a very talented person too, you know?”

Lin Che walked out along with him.

In the company, Yu Minmin called her to ask if and when she was planning to make her comeback.

But Lin Che had not thought about this. It was mainly because she had been resting at home and had not appeared on television for a very long time. It occurred to her that in the event that she made a comeback, one move would mean she had to continue appearing on television nonstop.

She was actually a bit lazy to move.

But she could not stay at home forever either. She had to propel her other careers forward by relying on one career.

Lin Che said, “Hey, does the company still need me now? I’ve been away for so long. I keep wondering if my fans have already forgotten me again.”

Yu Minmin said, “That might actually happen if you don’t come back.”


“Starlight recently debuted a new group. It’s so showy. The female lead in the earlier television series that went up against our ‘Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers,’ the series ‘Glory.’ She’s been very popular these days. I heard that she’s going to attend some film festival and walk the red carpet in a few days. It seems that she’s all ready to break into Hollywood and wants to go the route of an international movie star. She’s in the limelight. It seems that Starlight is trying to suppress us.”

Lin Che said, “How extravagant. Well then. I’ll see when I should make my comeback and find a suitable way to do it.”

Other people could not stir her up like this. But this Starlight had triggered immense dissatisfaction in her. If Starlight trampled all over her, she would definitely be unhappy.

Yu Minmin smiled and said, “Just wait. I’ll come up with a proposal starting tomorrow.”



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