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Season 12

Episode 55

(Lin Che, Why Did You Kill Me)

[This player is a new one, right? He shot to first place so quickly. How much exactly did he spend? ]

[I heard that the player previously in first place spent a few million dollars in a year. ]

[So he spent a few million dollars within a few days? ]

Just when everyone was still speculating, Li Mingyu had already started doing something else.

He immediately said to the world, “Everyone, the prize for the battle this time is a phoenix rainbow garment. I’m planning to give it to a special woman. I’m willing to offer two million dollars to anyone who is willing to sell it to me. Please contact me if you get it.”

Two million dollars

Was he serious

This immediately caused a commotion among the factions currently involved in the huge war.

Ordinary people had to fight for so long to get two million dollars. If they could get two million dollars in one war, what could they have against it?

In a short time, the people who had thrown themselves into the war became even more invested. Now, this war was no longer an issue of glory but was linked directly to money.

None of them were professional esports players. They did not want to get any prize money for esports either. It was true madness that they could play games and actually win two million dollars with one battle.

As for Lin Che, she had gone completely insane.

All of a sudden, countless people came to add her as a friend. She felt that even her own computer was about to explode.

She looked at the friend requests. Without even knowing who she was, many people were saying, “Beauty, let’s get to know each other. Tycoon, let’s be friends. Tycoon, can you introduce me to the guru?

What the hell? She was just here to play a game. She did not want to cause a disturbance.

This troublemaker, Li Mingyu

He was so good at finding things for her to do.

She immediately dragged the chatbox to the side and asked Li Mingyu, “Hey. Do you have nothing to spend your money on?”

“Yes. How did you guess? You’re so smart.”


Lin Che felt that she should not continue talking to him. Otherwise, she would die of anger.

Just then, someone approached Lin Che all of a sudden. “Hey, I want to discuss something with you.”

“What’s up?”

Lin Che looked at the dialogue box moving towards her. It was someone who looked familiar but whom she did not know.

He said, “My girlfriend likes this piece of clothing. Can’t you tell your boyfriend not to get it?”

“Uh. He’s not my boyfriend. He’s a lunatic. I can’t control him,” Lin Che said.

“Rubbish. Why would he spend so much money on you if he isn’t your boyfriend?”

“I already told you that he’s crazy. How would I know why he’s spending so much money?” Lin Che said truthfully.

While speaking, she took a look at his ranking and saw that this person was “Riding On The Wind Across The World,” the former first place on the wealth ranking.

Just then, a female character appeared beside him. She seemed to be a supporting character. She was dressed in casual clothes at the moment and looked very beautiful. Her name matched his name; she was called “Rain Falling On Earth.”

This was probably his girlfriend.

But it angered Lin Che when she came up directly to her and said, “Your boyfriend is a bit too much. He stole something I liked the moment he came. Don’t you think there’s something wrong about that?”


The thing that she liked was the reward for winning the battle. Anyone could vie for it. How was he stealing something of hers?

Both “Rain Falling On Earth” and “Riding On The Wind Across The World” had always been of unscalable heights in this game. The two of them had been together for two years and behaved flamboyantly everywhere they went. Everyone who met them knew who they were.

They played and played, not expecting someone to suddenly appear now and steal the entire show.

Furthermore, “Rain Falling On Earth” was usually extremely cocky, no matter who she spoke to in the game. This was because her man was the leader of the largest gang in the area. Thus, no one dared to bully her wherever she went.

However, Lin Che did not fall prey to this. She looked at her directly and said, “Firstly, he’s not my boyfriend. Secondly, that item doesn’t belong to you, so you can’t call it stealing. That’s enough. I’m leaving. If you guys are looking for trouble, go and look for ‘Enchanting Islet Under The Moonlit Night.’ Don’t come looking for me.”

Who could have imagined that she would bluntly say just when Lin Che was about to leave, “If he’s not your boyfriend, you must be his mistress. Does he intend to be your sponsor? He spent so much money.”

These words were much more offensive.

The character that Lin Che was playing was one with immense fighting prowess. She looked extremely heroic and valiant. She had a spear in her hands and would simply pick up the spear and start fighting whoever she was faced with.

However, she rushed forward and was just about to attack when the man and woman charged at her together. Within a few moves, they beat Lin Che’s character to death on the ground.


Lin Che was so angry that she shouted in front of the computer, “I can’t believe this. Two against one. How can they bully me like this?”

But the crux was that her character still did not have any good equipment. She had just advanced to a new level and did not have anything. The movements available to her were also terrible. She felt extremely furious.

Hearing this, Gu Jingze looked up from where he had been reading documents behind her. “What happened?”

Lin Che turned around and said, “I’m going to die of anger.”

She immediately narrated the series of events and said in disbelief, “It had nothing to do with me. Some people have money to burn and nothing to do. He even dragged me down with him.”

Gu Jingze scowled.

This Li Mingyu was a bit of a troublemaker.

He said, “Let me have a look.”

However, he saw Li Mingyu talking to her when he went online.

“Lin Che, don’t worry. I’ve avenged you. Why did you let them kill you? They were not just killing you. Forget the fact that you died. The crux is that they humiliated me. Seriously. I had to take revenge. Earlier, I told everyone that I would give ten thousand dollars to anyone who could kill the two of them each time. I’ll see how they can continue playing this game.”

Lin Che had a look of incredulity on her face.

However, Gu Jingze picked up the keyboard and started typing furiously away.

After some time, he typed out a sentence and sent it.

“Yes. Hitting my butt is akin to slapping your face.”


Lin Che felt even more incredulous.

This time, Li Mingyu felt that something was off. “Hey, hey, hey. I’m standing on your side. You can’t say that about me.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m in Guanghan Mansion.”

“Wait for me.” Gu Jingze reached the location at lightning speed.

After briefly examining the game, he immediately launched a skill.

Behind him, Lin Che instinctively cried out in surprise, “Wow, Gu Jingze. How did you know how to play this?”

Gu Jingze said, “I didn’t.”

“Then, how come you can execute moves?”

“The guide.”

Lin Che took a closer look. Indeed, the guide was still open at the side.

He looked at the guide while playing.

Gu Jingze, who had a highly retentive memory, was truly making full use of his natural advantage right now. In no time, he arrived at the place only to see that Li Mingyu was currently fighting a monster. As expected, with his suit of almighty equipment, it was a breeze for him. He defeated the monster very quickly and did not even need to deal a second blow to kill it.

When he saw Lin Che, a line of words popped up above his head. “Xixi, you’re here. Xixi, you didn’t see how I avenged you earlier. I was particularly dashing.”

Lin Che was breaking out in cold sweat as she watched from behind. She could sense that a chill seemed to be emanating from Gu Jingze’s entire body in front of her.

But he remained expressionless. It could be that this was merely her own imagination.

At this moment, just when he had said one sentence, Gu Jingze had already rushed towards him and attacked him with the spear.

Li Mingyu immediately shouted, “Hey, Xixi. Why did you hit me?”

Of course, Gu Jingze would not look at what he was saying.

However, only one bar of blood disappeared after he attacked him with the spear.

After all, Li Mingyu’s equipment was too robust.


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